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The Baltimore Guide was founded in February, 1927, by brothers Milton and Nelson Lasson, who owned a printing press with excess capacity on Barre Street. The Lasson brothers decided to distribute a free “shopper”—a paper featuring coupons, specials and ads from local businesses.

Through reader demand the paper grew to cover local news and features, and even some national news—in the depths of the Depression “The Shoppers Guide,” as it was known then, adopted “Progressive, Liberal and Friendly” as its motto and in 1932 endorsed Franklin D. Roosevelt for President.

Though the paper changed its name to The East Baltimore Guide by 1935, some readers still call it the Shoppers Guide.

The Lassons continued to run the paper through World War II, though both saw duty in the war. In the postwar boom years, the East Baltimore Guide advocated for the founding of Baltimore Junior College, now Baltimore City Community College, and for expansion of city recreation centers to serve the Baby Boom generation.

Milton Lasson sold the paper to Richard W. Sandza, a national security correspondent for Newsweek, in 1989. Sandza immediately began to focus on neighborhood issues—small business, housing rehab, the condition of neighborhood business districts and crime in the neighborhoods.

In 1991, the Guide advocated for repair and rehabilitation of Patterson Park, and the $12.9 million city bond that community members secured with the help and advocacy of the Guide helped make the park what it is today.

More recently the Guide vigorously supported the construction of the Southeast Anchor Library to replace the tiny branch that had served Highlandtown since 1975.

In 2009 Sandza sold the paper to Ascend Communications, Inc., a family-owned media company based in Tennessee.

The Guide is the largest free paper delivered door-to-door in the state of Maryland. The Guide is entirely supported by advertisers concerned with the communities in which they operate. Without its advertisers the Guide, with its sterling record of community service, could not continue.

The current owners, Broad Street Media LLC, and staff are dedicated to providing the best service possible to our faithful readers and advertisers. The Guide continues to position itself to serve new readers and advertisers in this transitional period for the newspaper industry.

We use new technology, design, fresh editorial, creative marketing and advertising to best serve our readers and customers.

The Baltimore Guide: Serving East Baltimore since 1927.