Are the O’s All Star worthy?

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In case you are wondering, you are now able to vote for the upcoming All-Star game, which is July 12th in San Diego.  Will there be any O’s playing in the Mid-Summer Classic?

Right now, yes.  Mark Trumbo leads the AL in hitting with a .366 average (Manny Machado is second with a .360 average), but let’s focus on Trumbo right now.  As I mentioned, Trumbo leads the AL in batting and his five home runs are two off the leaders Josh Donaldson and Colby Rasmus (and one less than Machado and Chris Davis).  His 16 runs are the third-most in the AL.  I can see him getting in the game as an outfielder if he keeps this up.

Now, on to Machado.  Machado is second to Trumbo in batting but leads the AL in hits with 27 and his .415 on-base percentage is third best in the AL.  Not only is he crushing the ball this year, he is playing his usual stellar defense at third.  He should be an All-Star.

What about Chris Davis?  Maybe.  He does have six home runs and 13 RBI and fans love power numbers, so he could find himself getting a spot.  Even though he is batting only .215, his .363 on-base percentage is pretty darn good, thanks to the 15 walks he has drawn so far this year.  He stacks up nicely against other first basemen as well this year.  While Joe Mauer leads the AL first basemen in batting with a .329 average, Mauer only has one home run.  Other first basemen like Jose Abreu, Mark Teixeira and Miguel Cabrera have three home runs each and are not really off to hot starts either, with Abreu batting .176, Teixeira batting .238 and Miggy batting .254, so Crush certainly has a shot.

Adam Jones is always a fan favorite, and for good reason, but he is having a slow year so far.  To be fair, he is battling injury issues, but hopefully, he can get better soon and get back to his usual production. 

Even if he doesn’t, we still love Jones.

As far as pitchers are concerned, I don’t think any of the O’s starters will get the nod, but Zach Britton might make it in as a reliever.  While he has four saves (four behind the leader David Robertson) his 1.23 ERA is downright filthy, and his 0.68 WHIP is unreal.  Darren O’Day could also find himself in the game thanks to his 0.00 ERA and his 12 strikeouts in 7 1/3 innings pitched.

So while the season is still young, make sure you vote for your Orioles!

By Andy Mindzak

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