BIRDS HOUSE: Be the Thanksgiving game expert

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It’s Thanksgiving this week, and that can means one thing—Football!!  Ok, yeah, it does mean spending quality time with the family, but this is a sports column after all.

This Thanksgiving, our very own 5-6 Baltimore Ravens will host the 5-6 Pittsburgh Steelers, a game that will most likely throw any sense of family and goodwill out the window.

Feast away on turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and more mashed potatoes, because I went ahead and did the work for you to provide you your very own Thanksgiving game tale of the tape.

20.6 points per game
227.1 passing yards per game
81.7 rushing yards per game
22.1 points per game
262.2 passing yards per game
77.3 rushing yards per game
Advantage: Steelers

19.5 points per game allowed
226.4 passing yards per game allowed
102.6 rushing yards per game allowed
37 sacks
14 interceptions
23.3 points per game allowed
224.4 passing yards per game allowed
118.8 rushing yards per game allowed
23 sacks
10 interceptions
Advantage: Ravens

Special Teams
-4 turnover differential
92.3 field goal make percentage
15.6 yards per punt return
22.5 yards per kick return
-4 turnover differential
92.3 field goal make percentage
12.8 yards per punt return
22.1 yards per kick return
Advantage: Ravens, ever so slightly

One last check would be the home and road records for both teams. Baltimore is 4-1 at home this year, while Pittsburgh is 2-4 on the road.

Right now, all signs are pointing to the Ravens edging out the Steelers in a very important game with playoff implications. Currently, there are six teams with a 5-6 record and three teams with 4-7 records. As it sits right now, the Tennessee Titans are the lonely 5-6 seed to hold that last playoff spot, so this game will certainly provide enough drama to take away from any family drama your holiday dinner might stir up.

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!

by Andy Mindzak

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