BIRDS HOUSE: What can you get done in two minutes?

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Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself, “What can I do in two minutes?” If you gave it some thought, you could maybe peel an orange, or put your contacts in, or change your baby’s diaper (Ok, so it might take me about 3-4 minutes, but she fusses around a lot!).

When I think of two minutes, I think back to when I was a kid and my family and I would go to church every Sunday. My dad and I would be ready to leave and I would ask mom if she was ready to which she would consistently reply, “Just a couple of minutes.” In reality, those “couple of minutes” would turn out to be around 10 to 15.

Something tells me during the Baltimore Ravens game this past Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, those final two minutes and seven seconds must have felt like even more than 10 to 15 minutes. Maybe my mom was on to something….

With Baltimore trailing 12-7 with 2:07 on the clock, Joe Flacco hit Dennis Pitta for a one yard score. The two-point conversion was successful, putting the Ravens up 15-12.

This is the Minnesota Vikings with Adrian Peterson hurt and off the field. No way can they mount any sort of comeback, let alone two, right?


On the second play of the following Minnesota possession, backup running back Toby Gerhart rushed up the middle for a 41-yard touchdown to put the Vikings up 19-15 with 1:45 left in the game.

Oh boy, maybe Flacco has it in him to get the Ravens down the field quickly to win the game. Turns out, that would not be necessary as Jacboy Jones took that ensuing kickoff 77 yards for a touchdown as the Ravens now went up 22-19 with 1:16 left.

OK, so the defense can handle this weak Vikings offense, so we should be good here.

Also incorrect.

On the third play of the following drive, Minnesota quarterback Matt Cassel hit Cordarrelle Patterson with a quick pass to the right, and then Patterson was off to the races as he dashed 79 yards for the score, putting the Vikings up 26-22 with now only 45 seconds left.

Ok, so I know the last minute or so has been insane, but at some point, Baltimore’s luck is going to run out, right?

Wrong yet again. I haven’t made this many wrong assumptions since I thought my last ex-girlfriend was actually dateable.

Flacco did the impossible as he hit Marlon Brown for a 35-yard gain before getting picked off, but, thanks to a pass interference call against the Vikings, Baltimore moved to the Minnesota 27-yard line. Flacco then hit Pitta over the middle for 18 yards before the Ravens had to burn their last timeout with nine seconds remaining. With the game on the line Flacco somehow found Brown again, this time in the back of the endzone for the winning score with four seconds to spare. Luckily, Minnesota did not return the kickoff for a score and the Ravens held on to win 29-26, improving their record to 7-6 as they won their third straight game.

As it stands right now, the Ravens have the final Wild-Card spot, but their schedule will become a bit more difficult as they travel to Detroit to play the Lions before facing off against the New England Patriots at home. They end the year against the Cincinnati Bengals on the road, which will not be easy.

I said previously that the Ravens needed to win these games against the Steelers, Jets and Vikings, and they did just that. Now things get a little tougher and we will really see what this team is made of.

by Andy Mindzak

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