Cookies, burgers and Latin American fare featured by new openings in Fell’s Point; No falafels til Spring

Insomnia Cookies offers late night cookie delivery. | Photo by Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies offers late night cookie delivery. | Photo by Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies

It’s common knowledge you can get your favorite pizza or burger delivered right to your house, but what about satisfying a middle-of-the-night-sweet-tooth craving?

Luckily for purveyors of pastries, Insomnia Cookie, a bakery with late-night cookie delivery, is coming to Fell’s Point.

The new location at 812 S. Broadway is expected to open in the upcoming months.

They’re known for sweet treats like macadamia nut, chocolate chunk, and snickerdoodle cookies as well as brownies, ice cream, and a combination of those called the “Deluxe Cookiewich”.

Of course, the biggest perk is the delivery, which will run from noon to 3 a.m. daily. They will offer in-store pick-up from 11 a.m. until 3 a.m. as well.

Insomnia Cookies was founded by a University of Pennsylvania student, because what college student doesn’t like on-demand desserts? After Insomnia’s success in Pennsylvania, it has expanded to over 70 locations nationwide.

Insomnia Cookies currently have two locations in Maryland. One is on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park and the other is in Charles Village. A Federal Hill store will be added along with the Fell’s Point location.

So throw away the leftover Chinese food and week-old pizza, there’s a new midnight snack in Fell’s.

Abbey Burger Bistro

Another new addition to Fell’s Point is Abbey Burger Bistro, a restaurant and bar that serves unique burger options.  It will open at 811 S. Broadway at the former location of the Tex-Mex restaurant, Willow, by the end of the year.

The first Abbey Burger Bistro was opened in Federal Hill and a second location was opened in Ocean City this year.

Abbey Burger Bistro provides you with a Build-A-Burger checklist which gives you dozens of options to make your burger stand out. First you have to choose the patty, which can be made of anything from the typical Angus beef to bison, duck, lamb, and even kangaroo meat. Then you pick a bun, cheese, toppings, and sides. The possibilities are so endless that your burger will be like snowflakes: no two are ever alike.

If burgers aren’t your thing, you can munch on bun-less menu options like alligator bites, fried pickles, and chili macaroni and cheese.

For more information on Abbey Burger Bistro, visit

Points South Latin Kitchen

There’s yet another opening to look forward to in 2016! This time, it’s Points South Latin Kitchen which will serve up Central and South American cuisine at 1640 Thames St. in January. It will be at the former location of Anastasia, an Italian restaurant and bar.

Chef Scott Stauber will prepare traditional dishes from Colombia, Brazil, Panama, and more using local and fresh ingredients.

The building has been undergoing many renovations for the past month, including the construction of a wine bar and newly designed dining room.

Moral of the story: Get your eating pants ready, because 2016 is shaping up to be a delicious new year.

Falafelicious Season Ends

Falafelicious on 3721 Boston St. announced it will close for the season. The shack that served falafel-based dishes, kabobs, and hummus closed for winter on Saturday, December 5. They announced on their Facebook page that they will reopen in the spring. Falafelicious only has outdoor seating for customers so the increasingly low temperatures most likely had something to do with the closure. The falafel joint opened in the former location of Farmstead Shack this summer. For updates on the reopening,

By Gianna DeCarlo

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