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Source: Baltimore City Police Department Southeast District. For questions or more information on a specific crime, please contact the SDPD.


N. Decker St., 600 block, May 8 at 2:26 a.m. Officers responded to the location and found the victim, a 38-year-old African-American male in the alley underneath the bumper of a white car with several gunshot wound to his chest. Medics pronounced the victim dead. No suspect information is available.


Fleet St., 1600 block, May 2 at 11:20 a.m. Victim was H&S Bakery. The victim stated that an African-American male entered the store wearing a dust mask, a yellow construction vest and safety goggles. He was armed with a black handgun and stated “Give me all the money from the register.” The suspect then took the money and fled.

N. Linwood Ave., 200 block, May 2 at 5:29 p.m. Victim was Orleans Market. The victim was working the register when an African-American male in his 20s entered the store armed with a knife. He took money from the register and cigarettes.

S. Bethel St., 400 block, May 4 at 6:40 p.m. One of the victims was sitting in  the car, a black 2011 Jeep Patriot, when the suspects, two African-American males pulled up in front of him in a grey Hyundai. The suspects asked him for directions and when he said he didn’t know, the suspects produced guns and demanded the victim’s property. They took two phones and a wallet and one suspect got into the victim’s car and drove away in it.

Rochester Place, 100 block, May 4 at 9:27 p.m. The victims reported that they were walking out of their door when an African-American male pushed them back into the house. The suspect pulled out a long barrel gun and demanded money. The victims handed over money, a wallet, and a flip phone. The suspect said “That’s not enough, I want more” and threatened to kill the female suspect. When the victims stated they didn’t have anything else, the suspect fled on a bike.

N. Highland Ave., unit block, May 4 at 9:20 p.m. The two victims were working in an empty house when two African-American males, one 25-years-old and one 35-years-old, came into the location armed with a knife. They took the one victim upstairs, placing the knife by his neck. When he screamed, the second victim ran up the stairs when one suspect stabbed him in the back. The suspects grabbed a phone and fled the house.

Jefferson St., 2800 block, May 4 at 9:55 p.m. The victim stated that she walked to the corner store and was pushed from behind by an 18-year-old African-American male. The suspect snatched her purse and fled.

S. East Ave., 400 block, May 5 at 1:07 p.m. The suspect reported that two African-American males robbed him at gunpoint and took his cell phone, money, and a pack of cigarettes.

S. Broadway, 200 block, May 6 at 4 p.m. The victim reported that he was in the laundry mat when he was approached by two African-American males in their 20s. Suspect #1 grabbed the victim around his neck in a chokehold while Suspect #2 took his cell phone and money. A third suspect was acting as a lookout. The suspects fled the scene, going northbound on E. Pratt St.

S. Grundy St., 600 block, May 6 at 3:24 a.m. The victim reported that he was sleeping in bed when he was attacked by his friend, a 40-year-old Caucasian male, and another unknown suspect. The known suspect stabbed the victim in the right side of his head and his right arm. The suspects took his wallet and medication and fled. The known suspect was located and arrested.


Eastern Ave., 6500 block, May 3 at 5:35 p.m. Victim #1 stated that he was doing a window repair for Victim #2 and the suspect, a 32-year-old Hispanic male, in the Home Depot parking lot. After a dispute over payment, the suspect got into his car struck both victims with his vehicle. The suspect was arrested.


S. Ann St., 100 block, May 2 at 3:15 p.m. The victim stated that she heard a knock at her rear door. A witness observed the suspects, two African-American male juveniles, enter the victim’s garage and flee with two bikes. The suspects were spotted on the 1600 block of Gough St. and dropped one of the bikes while being chased by police.

S. Ponca St., 700 block, May 2 between 9:40 a.m. and 3;20 p.m. An unknown suspect forced open the rear basement door, gained entry, and took a TV, a PlayStation, and a pair of shoes.

S. Lehigh St., 300 block, May 3 between 7 a.m. and 5:40 p.m. An unknown suspect entered the location through an unlocked rear window, gained entry, and took shoes and a laptop.

S. Lehigh St., 500 block, May 5 between 2:30-2:50 p.m. The victim reported that he came home and observed the suspect, a 25-year-old Caucasian male, in his living room. The suspect saw the victim and ran out the front door. No property was taken and it was discovered that the suspect gained entry by forcing open the location’s front window.

Joplin St., 400 block, May 6 between 1-3 p.m. The victim stated that he observed the plastic door of his shed was pulled off and several tools were missing. An area canvas was conducted with negative results.

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