East Baltimore Eats: New menu impresses at Bistro Rx

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One of Bistro Rx’s new additions: Pacific White Sea Bass with succotash sauce. | Photo courtesy of Bistro Rx

One of Bistro Rx’s new additions: Pacific White Sea Bass with succotash sauce.
| Photo courtesy of Bistro Rx

On a Saturday evening, a friend and I were looking to mix it up a bit with our dinner choices. We were both in the mood for bar food, but we didn’t want to go someplace that was just your everyday dive bar. Some days, you just want something more than wings. I remembered reading good Yelp! reviews about Bistro Rx and we headed over towards Patterson Park.

The motto for Bistro Rx is ‘The Cure For The Common Meal,’ and I could not agree more. All the menu offerings, from salads, to gourmet burgers, to housemade charcuterie, were fun and unique, but still approachable for everyone. (They even have their own version of a PB&J sandwich.) Both the pickiest and the most adventurous eaters will find something they’ll love at Bistro Rx.  It’s located on a corner across from Patterson Park, the former site of an old pharmacy, and is definitely a friendly neighborhood bar.

It’s offerings, however, are more interesting and than the typical pizza and burgers you would find at such a classic neighborhood joint.

This summer, Bistro mixed up its menu by hiring chef Wilbur Cox, formerly of Wine Market Bistro and B&O Brasserie. Cox’s upgraded modern menu includes new additions like grilled octopus, ceviche, and braised pork belly. 

There was a nice bar area in the back that had a great wine list which is largely due to the fact that this is a wine bar. If you’re a fan of vino, I would definitely come check out the wine list, which has wine selections from all over the world, and enjoy a glass (or several).

After looking over the menu, my friend and I decided to stick with the classics. We first tried one of the dozen flatbreads that Bistro Rx offers. The Four Cheese Flatbread sparked our interest. It came with manchego, caramelized onion, cheddar, Parmesan, fresh mozzarella, garlic, and olive oil. This dish was ooey-gooey, melty, and flavorful. The tastes of the cheeses mingled well together without one flavor overpowering the others. The flatbread was wafer-thin with slightly and delightfully burnt crispy edges, but was sturdy enough to balance the goopy mountain of melted cheese.

My friend ordered their Pulled Chicken Wrap. It was a very simple dish with pulled chicken and BBQ sauce wrapped in a tortilla, but it tasted great. The chicken was moist and the sauce wasn’t too sweet and had a kick of spice to it that helped the seasoned chicken shine. It was just what she was looking for to satisfy that need for something hearty.

I also was in the mood for a sandwich and ordered the Bistro Prime Dip. The sandwich was served on a freshly toasted baguette with sliced roast beef, grilled onions, smoked provolone cheese and au jus, which is a light gravy made from the meat’s juices. The sandwich was very good, but I wish the roast beef was cooked a little less because then it would have retained more flavor and  juiciness. The provolone cheese melted over the succulent beef perfectly and the French baguette sucked up the au jus like a delicious sponge. 

I substituted my regular fries for Disco Fries, aka fries with bacon gravy and shredded cheese. There were hunks of thick cut bacon in the gravy that put these fries over the top. The skin-on fries were crisp and provided a perfect foundation for the rich gravy. It was easily the highlight of the meal and it satisfied my craving for disco fries which I have been searching for in the city for a while.

Overall, the food was a great creative take on bar food. It was a wonderful and filling meal and I can’t wait to go back and try some more of their newer and riskier options. 

Bistro Rx is located at 2901 E. Baltimore St. in Patterson Park.

By Rachel Lipton

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