East Baltimore Eats: Small Plates & Brunch at Cava Mezze

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The Skillet Cake. | Photo by Rachel Lipton

The Skillet Cake. | Photo by Rachel Lipton

There aren’t too many places in Baltimore where you can get the same brunch experience that you can get in NYC or DC, but that’s okay. Baltimore doesn’t want to be another city, we are embodied with our own quirkiness that can’t be found elsewhere. However, sometimes on the weekend I do want the brunch experience that can be found in larger metropolises. Fortunately, Cava Mezze recently opened in Harbor East. Ignoring my usual 90-day rule, I grabbed some friends and we headed over to Cava Mezze for all-you-can-eat brunch and one cent mimosas.

When we were seated, we obviously each started with a mimosa, the options were orange juice or grapefruit. Normally with a bottomless mimosa, I find that they are a little watered down (like at Little Havana) and for better or worse, these, fortunately, were not watered down at all and very strong.

The menu at Cava Mezze is all small plates (perfect for sharing). We told our awesome waitress, Angelina, what types of things we enjoyed and left the ordering to her.

The French Toast was made with thick challah, honey, berries, and cream. This happened to be one of my favorite things we ordered because the bread was slightly doughy like bread pudding.

The other hit all around the table was the Nutella Waffle. It’s a Belgian waffle sandwich with Nutella slathered between the waffle and then topped with whipped cream, chopped walnuts, and bananas.

I’m a huge hash fan (the corned beef hash at Woodberry Kitchen is awesome) so I requested the Gyro Hash. This came with beef and lamb gyro meat, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, Greek yogurt, mushrooms, and a fried egg. The gyro meat was awesome (I know this because I frequent Brusco, their sandwich joint next door) but the dish was a little dry. Perhaps another egg or some more yogurt would have done the trick.

The Pasta and Eggs incorporated homemade pappardelle pasta (which was delicious) with a poached egg, feta, and kefalograviera cheese. When you cut into the egg, the yolk ran and made an almost creamy sauce for the pasta. It was similar to a carbonara and delicious.

We all loved the Breakfast Burrito which was crumbled chicken sage sausage, eggs, feta, tomato, onion, harissa, and then drizzled with Greek yogurt. Harissa is typically a spicy tomato based paste, but the burrito wasn’t spicy. It did have a nice kick which we really enjoyed and the Greek yogurt was a fun substitute for sour cream.

Another group favorite was the Grilled Cheese. Kefalograviera cheese was between two slices of pita and then topped with arugula. The sandwich was very cheesy and I preferred the pita to traditional bread. We actually ended up ordering two of this because everyone liked it so much!

The final thing we tried was the Skillet Cake which was a chocolate chip pancake with a hint of Greek coffee, then topped with butter, and drizzled with maple syrup.

Cava Mezze also serves lunch and dinner, specializing in small plates and Mediterranean flavors. Some favorites include the mini pita, which are filled with flavorful chicken or gyro meat, marinated tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki sauce. The more adventurous eater can try the ouzo-scented cuttlefish with  Lazaro-style herbs or the grilled octopus with capers and parsley. 

There are many dishes that are meant to be shared, like the 5 dip platter featuring hummus, taramosalata, roasted eggplant, tzatziki, and feta cheese with jalapenos. Spicy lamb sliders, lollipop chicken, and a house-made cheese platter if perfect for any group. 

Cava Mezze is located at 1302 Fleet St., in Harbor East.


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