Editorial: Bon voyage, Ravens!

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Fans celebrate the Baltimore Ravens’ victory over the New England Patriots at the Lighthouse Tavern in Canton, which has started the neighborhood’s first official Ravens Roost. Courtesy Photo.

Congratulations Baltimore.

As a native of New Hampshire—New England Patriots territory—I know what you’re going through. I’ve never been a die-hard football fan, but even I can remember the energy of the Pats’ first Super Bowl win in 2001. Early in the season, our starting quarterback, Drew Bledsoe, was injured, and an unknown Tom Brady stepped up to the plate, taking the Pats to an 11-5 regular season record. Brady had thrown just three passes the previous season.

It wasn’t just Brady—the Patriots’ defense was and has been outstanding, as well.

The point is that back then New England was not the machine it has become—you didn’t hear the name “Patriots” and think “heavyweight.” These were the days before the supermodels, before people started dropping the word “dynasty.” The Pats were just a football team, and that was their greatness—full of spirit, hard-charging and exciting to watch.

The Baltimore Ravens are at that point now. Here’s hoping that you win the biggest game, but don’t stop living for the hard hits, completed passes, and hard-fought turnovers.

On a sadder note, legendary Orioles manager Earl Weaver died last weekend. With a 1970 World Series championship to his credit as well as four American League championships, Weaver was known for analytical strategizing.

We at the Guide would like to express our sorrow at the passing of this great man in Baltimore sports.

One Comment on "Editorial: Bon voyage, Ravens!"

  1. Hary December 11, 2015 at 10:18 pm ·

    As a Ravens fan, I thought the calls were broredline, particularly Suggs touching Brady’s knee (looked to me as though he was blocked from avoiding the Dreamboat). Do either of those get called if it’s Jason Campbell instead of Tom Brady? Maybe, maybe not. What’s more ridiculous is that the question even exists in the first place. If you have to tackle NFL quarterbacks, they are going to get hit. Often. If you want to protect them from taking hits after they throw the ball, don’t penalize guys for already having all of their forward momentum towards the QB physics don’t work that way (I know the NFL is wary of science, since it also proves that they owe a crapload of money to their former players, but c’mon). Just give them some flags to hang off of their waists, or as Ray Lewis suggests, give them those same suits by Olympic saberists that flash and buzz when touched, so all you have to do is tap him.

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