Fell’s Point Corner Theatre: “Time Stands Still” shows the horrors and impact of war

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a1caf81b554654c8388352fb4e54a1a1_f430The Fell’s Point Corner Theatre will conclude their 2016 season with “Time Stands Still”, a play that tells the story of Sarah, a tenacious war-zone photojournalist, played by Claire Carberry. Sarah is devoted to her job to a fault. She pushes herself past her limits in order to get the big story and that one perfect photograph. 

Sarah’s determination and single-mindedness lands her in trouble when she suffers multiple injuries after a road-side bomb explosion. 

Directed by Barry Feinstein, the play delves into the psyche of the main character as she tries to deal with all that she has seen once she returns to her Brooklyn home. The taut performance by the Fell’s Point Corner Theatre’s impressive cast allows you to see the turmoil of war through Sarah’s eyes, as if you’re looking through her camera lens, and how these experiences affect and hurt those around her. 

The emotionally gripping scenes play out between Sarah and her lover, who is trying desperately to make Sarah see that she is “addicted to danger.” The tensions between them begin to bubble over, unveiling cracks in their relationships that only exacerbate Sarah’s problems. 

“At the heart of it all, we find a story about a troubled but committed relationship, the question of career vs. family, and the many forms of bravery,” states the Fell’s Point Corner Theatre. 

“Time Stands Still”, written by Donald Margulies, will run until Friday, May 6. For more information or to purchase tickets for, visit www.fpct.org.

By Gianna DeCarlo

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