A Patterson Park tradition: Let’s go to the hop

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IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FROGS-Amphibians take center state next Wednesday in Patterson Park.

Here, Froggy, Froggy.

Patterson Park reminds individuals to mark their calendars for the 46th annual Preakness Frog Hop.

Right now, says Bob Wall, it’s up to all potential contenders to find a sweet frog-hunting spot now and stake it out in order to have an entrant for the event.

“If the weather gets damp and cold before the event, the frogs will be tough to find,” he notes.

The Preakness Frog Hop will kick off (or maybe jump off) in Patterson Park. Everything starts at noon on Wednesday, May 16, near the Pulaski Monument, Eastern and Linwood avenues.

Registration starts at 11 a.m. on the day of the Frog Hop, and all frogs (and jockeys) must be registered by 11:45 a.m.

Unlike the genuine event at Pimlico, the Preakness Frog Hop in Patterson Park lacks an infield, noisy bands and a group of drunken spectators arguing about a shortage of porta-pots.

Organizers are pretty happy about all those shortcomings.

So what’s not to like about the frog hop? Not much. But here’s the rules:

*Only one (1) frog may be entered per jockey, but two jockeys may share a *Any frog entered must be at least 4 inches in length from the nose to where the tail should be (not counting the legs).

*Frog must be in good physical condition and show no evidence of being kept in an inhumane fashion. Note: That means all frogs must be kept wet.

*Don’t be a hog; share a frog: If you have more than one critter, please bring them so that another child can participate.

*Trophies will be awarded to the first, second, third and fourth place finishers. All participants will receive a ribbon.

*In the event of extreme weather conditions, the event will be held at the Mimi DiPietro Ice Rink (Pratt Stree and Linwood Avenue).

Info: 410-396-6136, 410-396-9392, or mark.burke@baltimorecity.gov.

by Mary Helen Sprecher

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