A Super trip: From Baltimore to New Orleans and back again

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Canton resident Victoria Stewart celebrates the Ravens’ victory at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. Photo courtesy of Victoria Stewart

Last week, the Baltimore Guide spoke to Canton resident and Ravens superfan Victoria Stewart about her upcoming trip to Super Bowl XLVII. (Jan. 30, “Cantonite takes off for New Orleans while neighbors root from the roost”)

This week, the Guide caught up with Stewart again, for the post-game rundown.

How was New Orleans as a Super Bowl location?
It was awesome! New Orleans is definitely the place to have a Super Bowl—great food, stuff going on in town, 78 and sunny outside—a great time. I can’t believe they’re having it in New York next year; they’re going to freeze!

How was the overall Super Bowl experience?
It was great. I’m so glad I did it. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For the Ravens’ first Super Bowl I was out of town skiing in Vancouver. I swore

I would never plan a ski vacation during the Super Bowl again, because I was stuck in a ski lodge with 400 Giants fans.

How was the game itself—were you worried about the 49er’s rally?
I never really lost faith, but I did almost have a heart attack at one point. I think the highlight of the game for me was that fourth down at the end.

People in the stands were saying they’d go for a safety, and they did. That last hold was just awesome, and it was sort of iconic, coming from Ray Lewis and the defense.

At the end, everybody shook hands. Ravens and 49ers fans were civil to each other.

Were there a lot of fans from Baltimore?
It was funny—I ran into tons of people from Federal Hill and Canton. You definitely ran into neighbors and things like that.

What’s next?
I’d love us to win the World Series this year—that’s what we have to do next!

Are you a bigger Ravens fan or Orioles fan?
I’m a die-hard Ravens fan, whether they’re up or down. I used to have Orioles season tickets, but when they got rid of Davey Johnson, I got rid of the tickets because I was disgusted. (laughs)

by Erik Zygmont

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