Angle Parking ought to be reversed

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Editor, The Guide:

I’m in total agreement with everything that Mr. Bauer wrote with regards to reverse parking. Whoever decided to come up with this idea did not think this through and as Mr. Bauer stated does not live in the neighborhood.

Conkling Street is a 3 block commercial area, the street is wide and the traffic is very heavy.

Parking is a big problem in our area and when they decided to do reverse parking they also took additional parking spaces away from us. There are people that live above the stores so that leaves them parking in the next block from their home.

There were three spots in front of 510 S. Conkling (now there are two), there were two spots in front of the bank (now there is one), there were four slots in front of the stores next to the fire house (now there are three) and they eliminated two slots in front of the library.

That is a total of six spots we don’t have any more for parking. Also, trying to reverse park on Conkling Street is almost impossible considering the heavy traffic that uses Conkling Street. When I come home from work it takes me about 15 minutes to try and park my care because the cars going in both directions won’t give me the courtesy of stopping so I can park – they are in such a hurry that they go around me and before you know it – there is going to be an accident. Whoever our representative is should have had the insight into further investigating the situation before letting this happen.

Bobbi Schofield

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