Another parking solution floated

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Would Canton residents like to see a parking garage built in their neighborhood, with shuttle service to their homes, financed by a service fee added to annual property taxes?

That’s an idea that’s been recently put forward by former State Senator John Pica, who is moving to Little Italy and says he will likely make a run for state office again.

A “community benefits district,” Pica said, would provide “personnel for goodwill” and the appearance of security as well as a parking garage and shuttle. He said that it could be modeled after Baltimore’s Downtown Partnership, or a number of similar districts in other cities.

A less costly alternative, Pica said, would be to build the garage through the city’s Parking Authority and provide only the shuttle service, also paid through a premium on property tax.

Pica said that he has heard from a few residents who have off-street parking and were opposed to the idea. Residents who don’t wish to participate, he said, could be exempt from the fee and excluded by the service.

To be established, a benefits district would need to be approved by over half of the residents and businesses in the area. Pica plans to meet with local residents and businesses this Thursday at Du Burns Arena to discuss his idea.

by Erik Zygmont

2 Comments on "Another parking solution floated"

  1. The Guide January 17, 2013 at 9:28 am · Reply

    Winston, Scroll down.

    A Land Use and Transportation Committee Work Session has been scheduled for two Council bills related to Residential Permit Parking.

    The two bills are:

    Bill 12-0125: this bill addresses RPP Area 43, including whether it should be approved, discontinued, and/or extended

    Bill 12-0102: this bill rewrites the Residential Permit Parking Area statute

    More details on these bills can be found here:

    The Work Session will be held:

    Next Wednesday, January 23rd

    9:00 am

    City Hall (in the Council Chambers on the 4th floor)

    Please continue to check your email for updates on the status of this work session. Feel free to share this with your friends and neighbors.

  2. Winston Smith January 17, 2013 at 6:32 am · Reply

    City taxes are way above surrounding munipalities already and one way to make people start moving back out of the city is continue to ramp up property taxes. Many homeowners have paid a premium to purchase homes with off street parking which benefits not only the homeowner but the surrounding community. Why not develope an incentive program or local tax break if you improve your property to allow for off street parking in the neighborhoods with parking problems. Seems like that would be a win win situation for the city and the community.

    Lastly, Does anyone have more information on when this meeting is? It has not been listed on the canton community association list serve.

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