Art Cart Derby in Highlandtown October 6

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What better way to bring multiple generations together than putting them in a wooden cart and sending them down a hill?

That’s the philosophy behind the second annual All Ages Art Cart Derby, which combines with a gallery exhibit, Art by the Pint, on Saturday, Oct. 6. The whole shebang happens in the afternoon, from 2-6 p.m.

Starting at Gough St. and Conkling St., racers will ride their creations two blocks down the hill on Gough St., which will be closed to vehicle traffic on race day.

The Highlandtown event is currently seeking entrants, who must register by Oct. 1. A registration form can be downloaded from the Art Cart Derby link at, or prospective racers can contact Leanna Wetmore of Banner Neighborhoods at 410-585-8810, or at

There are three rules for carts: They must be completely gravity-powered, be equipped with some kind of steering, and have brakes.

The Art Cart Derby is sponsored by the Laughing Pint, 3531 Gough St., and Communities For All Ages, a 30-person group with members from the Creative Alliance, the Southeast Community Development Corp., and Banner Neighborhoods.

Members of CFAA range in age from 14 to 54, according to Wetmore.

“It’s an all-ages planning committee to bring different cultural backgrounds and ages together,” said Wetmore.

On the day of the race, the Laughing Pint will exhibit Art by the Pint.

“We linked up with Shannon at the Laughing Pint to bring the drinking crowd,” joked Wetmore.

Art By The Pint will feature over 50 pieces of art from local artists who have had their work displayed in the Laughing Pint, including Ron Russell, Lotta Olen, Jim Burger, Milli Hoffman, and Laura Vernon-Russell.

The Art Cart Derby will also feature live entertainment in the form of Super Art Fight, the self-proclaimed “Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe.” It’s a form of art roulette—artists take direction from the spin of wheel.

Last year, the event drew seven carts.

“The Red Line folks came and built the fastest cart—they won,” Wetmore said, adding that a cookie and a tugboat were among the other entrants.

Wetmore said that there will be more carts this year, and contestants will race in two-cart heats.

The art focus is a new component of the race.

“We thought it would be fun to make it a little more funky—art carts,” she said.

by Erik Zygmont

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