Artist distills and bottles Fell’s Point essence

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Brutal heat didn’t keep artist Kerry Cesen from finishing his mural in Fell’s Point last week. Maybe the underwater scene kept him cool. - Photo by Erik Zygmont

Artist Kerry Cesen has spruced up the 400 block of S. Broadway with a mural depicting “the aesthetic of Fell’s Point.”

Cesen said that the scene in the bottle is meant to show the unique architecture and the influence of the water in the harbor-side neighborhood. As with many murals, interesting details and “Easter eggs” are visible to those who take the time to look carefully. See the velocipede submerged in the water?

“There are a lot of things people can read into [the mural],” says Cesen. “I was playing with scale and distortion.”

The mural was fully initiated by Cesen himself, who approached the building owner, raised funds, and secured approval from the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation.

A freelance artist and illustrator, Cesen, 26, lives in Baltimore’s Barre Circle neighborhood, but visits Fell’s Point often.

“I love it there,” he says. “Sometimes I just like going and walking there, walking the streets and alleyways. I just love the atmosphere and the friendly people—the friendly, interesting people.”

He completed the mural on Tuesday, July 16, possibly one of the hottest days of the summer.

The mural is on the south side of Broadway Bicycle, facing a vacant lot and visible to motorists and pedestrians traveling north.

by Erik Zygmont

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