BIRDS HOUSE: Flacco’s Fib

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Joe Flacco: “I don’t think I’m top five, I think I’m the best.”

If he’s the best, then why does his 59.1-percent completion rate not even crack the top 20?

If he’s the best, then why does his rating of 86.2 not even make the top 10?

If he’s the best, then why does he only have 3,474 passing yards, the 12th highest?

If he’s the best, then why has he allowed the Baltimore Ravens to drop three games in a row, two of which were very winnable?

Maybe Flacco is just a huge Tom Petty fan, because they have been ‘Free Falling’ since their 8-2 start. A great play by Ray Rice to convert on a fourth-and-29 against the San Diego Chargers helped them stave off a loss; otherwise their losing streak would be at four.

Over this current three-game skid, Flacco has completed only 54.7 percent of his passes and has thrown an interception in each game. His most recent interception came during their 34-17 beat-down at the hands of the Denver Broncos. Right before half time, the Ravens knocking on the door to cutting into Denver’s 10-0 lead, Flacco was intercepted by Chris Harris, who returned the pick 98 yards for the score with 15 seconds left in the half.

That was possibly the game right there.

Interceptions aside, Flacco has also lost a fumble in each of the last three games.  Last time I checked, elite quarterbacks don’t turn the ball over.

I understand that you need to have confidence in yourself, but if you are really the best quarterback in the NFL, you need to step your game up when your team needs you, and right now, Baltimore needs Flacco to pick his game up big time.

If Flacco wants to be the best, all he had to do was look across the field on Sunday at Peyton Manning. Manning already has his ring, a neck injury almost knocked him out of football altogether, but he’s back and proving he is still one of the all-time best. Manning has completed 67.9 percent of his passes this year for 32 touchdown passes and only eight interceptions.

If Flacco is truly the best, then this is his time to step up. Baltimore has only a one-game lead over the second-place Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC North. It’s amazing how quickly you can go from talking about earning a first-round bye to not even making the playoffs this late in the season, and with the New York Giants and Bengals left on the schedule, the Ravens might continue their free fall unless the “best” quarterback in the NFL makes good on his boast.

by Andy Mindzak

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