Birds House: Many Meanings of Oriole Magic

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Oriole Magic: (noun) ˈor-ē-ˌōl ˈma-jik

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• The only real way to explain why the Orioles are currently 82-64 with a -20 run differential.

• The reason why Jim Johnson has 43 saves after preseason talks had him in the starting rotation.

•  The main reason Baltimore is still in the playoff hunt after numerous injuries to players throughout the year.

• The reason why Chris Davis has set a career high in home runs and runs batted in after Texas traded him to the Orioles.

• The leading cause of why Nate McLouth has had a rebirth after Pittsburgh and Atlanta had given up on him.

• Definitely the reason why Jason Hammel has been downright dominant this year, having his best season by far since coming over from the Colorado Rockies in a trade that sent Jeremy Guthrie away.

• A big factor in why the O’s team ERA has improved to 4.05 in 2012 from the horrific and league worst 4.89 in 2011.

• The reason of why they went 9-9 against the New York Yankees this year, improving upon the disastrous 5-13 they went against the Bronx Bombers in 2011.

• How the Orioles finally got the right Michael Gonzalez (albeit $12 million dollars later).

• The main factor in how the Orioles locked up their first winning season since 1997.

• A large part of why we’re even still talking about the Orioles while football season is going on.

• How a VP of Baseball Operations can take over after being out of the MLB for about 10 years and seem like he never left.

• A helping factor in why their defense has become decent thanks to a 20-year-old rookie.

• Why the Orioles turned their bullpen from a weakness in 2011 to one of the best in the game this year.

• Why we all watch.

by Andy Mindzak

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