Birds House: O’s are one game off 2012 record

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Readying the field. - Photo by Tom Scilipoti

It’s hard to believe that there are only 33 games left in the regular season for the Baltimore Orioles. My goal for this article is to give you a better idea of where they really stand in the postseason picture, and, also, to take your mind off of Miley Cyrus, at least for a few minutes. (Editor’s note: Andy sent us this column on Monday.)

Before we look ahead, let’s look back to 2012, when the O’s made the playoffs as a Wild-Card team. Last year, Baltimore finished with a 93-69 record, just two games behind the American League East Champion New York Yankees. Against teams in the AL East last year, Baltimore was 43-29, but, unfortunately, much of that can be credited to Boston being horrible in 2012 (Baltimore was 13-5 against the Red Sox last year).  Another point of interest was the O’s record in one-run games: 29-9. Their bullpen was lights out last year, a statement that cannot be made for this season, as they are 14-23 in such games.

This year, the O’s are currently 70-59, 5.5 games behind the Boston Red Sox for the AL East Title, and are two games behind the Oakland Athletics for the second Wild-Card spot. Interestingly enough, we are right on track with last year. Through the Orioles’ first 129 games last year, they were 71-58, just one game better than this year.  A more telling difference is their 2013 record in the AL East. Last year they went 43-29 against AL East teams; this year they went 25-25.

The good news is the O’s can turn things around as they play 26 games against their AL East rivals: six against Toronto, seven against New York, four against Tampa Bay, and nine against Boston.

This week is a big one for the O’s as they have a three-game series that starts on Tuesday up in Boston before they head to the Bronx for the weekend to face the Yankees. Then starting next week, the O’s have a three-game road trip against the Cleveland Indians, a team that is currently a half-game ahead of them in the Wild-Card standings.

There is still much baseball to be played. At this point, even though the O’s are behind both Boston and Tampa, they control their own destiny.  They went 19-9 last September, so here’s to hoping they can repeat that performance this year, make the playoffs, and get everyone’s mind off of twerking (which I had to actually look up in Urban Dictionary earlier this morning).

by Andy Mindzak

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