Birds House: Orioles leading the league in multiple stats

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With the PGA Championship completed, signaling the end of the major tournaments for the PGA Tour, I thought I might share with you what Baltimore Orioles are on the leaderboard in the American League. You might be surprised what you see!

Wins above replacement – Manny Machado is fifth with a WAR of 5.3 and Chris Davis is sixth with a WAR of 5.1.
(Note: WAR is a statistic that indicates the number of wins a team would lose if a certain player left the team and was replaced by a minor leaguer. For example, Machado’s WAR of 5.3 means that the Orioles would win 5.3 fewer games if he left.)
Defensive WAR – Manny Machado is first with a defensive WAR of 3.1.
Batting average – Adam Jones is ninth with a .304 batting average.
On-base percentage – Davis is seventh with a .376 OBP.
Slugging percentage – Davis is second in slugging percentage at .676.
Runs – Davis is third with 83 runs, Jones is tied for third with 82 runs, and Machado is tied for eighth with 71 runs.
Hits – Machado is third with 148 hits, Jones is fifth with 146 hits, and Nick Markakis is tenth with 132 hits.
Total bases – Davis leads the all of baseball with 286 total bases.
Doubles – Machado leads all of baseball with 42 doubles while Davis is second with 33, and Jones is tied for eighth with 29.
Triples – Nate McLouth is tied for eighth with four triples.
Home runs – Davis leads all of baseball with 42 while Jones is tied for ninth in the AL with 24.
Runs batted in – Davis is second with 109 while Jones is fourth with 85.
Stolen bases – McLouth is fifth with 28 stolen bases.
Singles – Markakis leads the AL in singles with 105.
Extra base hits – Davis is first with 75 extra base hits while Machado is fourth with 55 and Jones fifth with 54.
Runners caught stealing – Matt Wieters leads the AL with 19 runners thrown out.
Saves – Jim Johnson leads all of baseball with 39 saves.
Wins – Chris Tillman is second with 14 wins.
Games pitched – Darren O’Day has pitched in 53 games.

As you can see, Baltimore is all over the leaderboard offensively, defensively, and on the mound.  If you want to win a World Series, being a well-rounded team is the best way to do it!

by Andy Mindzak

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