Birds House: What do fans think?

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Nick Markakis was a one-man highlight reel on Opening Day. (Photo by Shawn Levin)

What are Oriole fans’ expectations for this season, the 20th anniversary at Camden Yards?

I spoke with Chris, who is 37 and from Charlotte, North Carolina. He has been an Orioles fan his whole life.  “I am hopeful they can play .500 ball this season. If the starters and bullpen hold up, I think that can happen.” I then asked him about his favorite moment from a game he caught at Camden Yards, and he said, “Opening Day 2009. Saw the O’s pummel Sabathia and the Yankees 10-5. It was my first opening day game in about 20 years. I also was fortunate to be there for Aubrey Huff’s cycle.”

Nick is 15 and from Baltimore. Nick has been an Oriole fan his whole life, and his favorite moment was when he caught a ball when he was around five years old, which is impressive no matter how old you are! As far as his outlook for the 2012 season, he said, “Hopefully they will do good, and they keep winning. From what I’ve seen, they look good.” Nick’s favorite player is Nick Markakis.

Rich is 53 and from Baltimore. Rich has been coming to Camden Yards for all of its 20 years, and when I asked him about his favorite moment at Camden Yards, he mentioned Nick Markakis’ home run on Opening Day 2012.  “They are looking pretty good right now,” he said. “They made a couple good additions to their pitching staff, and they are ready to go.”

Dave, who is 30 years old, is from Silver Spring. He is “optimistic that they have more organizational depth, particularly with the bullpen and starting pitching. It’s amazing to have starting pitchers go seven innings on back-to-back days, and it’s great to have Chris Tillman waiting as a plan B. I’m optimistic. I hope they get it together this year.”

“Brandon the Exterminator” is 26 and from California. His favorite moment was Delino DeShields hitting a home run to the exact seat they sat the day before.

Considering DeShields never hit more than 11 home runs in any given season, that ball was quite the rarity.

As for myself, I have been fortunate enough to catch quite a few great moments at Camden Yards. I was here for cycles by Aubrey Huff and Felix Pie, I watched Matt Wieters’s debut, I saw Vladimir Guerrero (then with the Angels) hit a ball that bounced off the ground in front of home plate, then off the wall for a double.

One of my favorite games was against Felix Hernandez and the Seattle Mariners on May 13, 2010. With the O’s trailing 5-2, Luke Scott hit a grand slam off Brandon League to put the Orioles up 6-5. Then, in the top of the ninth, left fielder Corey Patterson threw out a runner at home plate to end the game and preserve the win.
by Andy Mindzak

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