Cameron: Offense needs to execute better

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OWINGS MILLS — Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron said the team’s failures on offense against Jacksonville came from a lack of execution.

“When we take the fundamentals and we take this offense and execute it, it looks the way we all want it to look — it looks aggressive,” Cameron said.

The offense had just 16 yards at the half against the Jaguars and only 56 yards until the Ravens scored a touchdown off a 90-yard drive with just over two minutes remaining in the game.

One of the biggest concerns following the Jacksonville game was if the right adjustments were made on offense when faced against the Jaguars’ press-man coverage. ESPN would occasionally pan out on replay to show Baltimore receivers blanked by the Jacksonville secondary.

Cameron said he looked at the film and didn’t see much to worry about from the receivers’ end.

“It really wasn’t as much as everyone thought,” Cameron said. “When you look at the tape, there was separation. It’s a matter of us finding them. It’s a matter of us having time to find them.”

On Tuesday, coach John Harbaugh said the receivers have to do a better job escaping press coverage.

“We have to get off press,” Harbaugh said. “You have to get off press, and you have to get vertical and you have to make them pay –- that’s the bottom line. I think we can do a better job of making them pay downfield, do a better job of making them pay on crossing routes and things like that to beat that coverage. We are capable of doing it. We have done it before this year.”

Another aspect of the Jacksonville game that drew scrutiny was Baltimore’s no-huddle offense that didn’t seem to be moving as fast as it could. The Ravens did score a touchdown in 3:20, and had to go 90 yards to do it. But it began the drive with the clock at 5:22, leaving just over two minutes to go.

Quarterback Joe Flacco said it’s possible the no-huddle could move faster if he was calling the plays instead of Cameron.

“It’s just how quickly can I think on my feet and get the play out there,” Flacco said. “Yeah, there’s probably truth to that, it’s just a matter of how we want to do it.”

Cameron said he and Flacco are working to have him call the plays when the Ravens go into their two-minute, no-huddle package.

“I think that’s something you always want to work for,” Cameron said. “He and I have talked about that. Joe knows and understands this, he can call any play he feels he needs to. He can suggest it at any time. He’s made several suggestions this year.”

By Jason Butt

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