Can Company offers rental spaces to Canton residents

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The Canton Community Association’s board recently voted on guidelines for renting the Can Company parking garage’s spaces.

Darryl Jurkiewicz, president of the CCA, said that first priority for space rentals will be given to Canton residents living within the following boundaries: Montford Ave. to Lakewood Ave. and Hudson St. to Foster Ave., both sides of the street.

“After the public announcement [in the Guide today, Feb. 13] these residents will be able to rent one space per property for the first two weeks after the public announcement. If there are more than 100 requests in the first two weeks, we’ll do a lottery,” said Jurkiewicz.

After the first two weeks, rentals—still one space per property—will be open to everyone inside and outside of the boundaries.

After four weeks, Jurkiewicz said, rentals will be opened to more than one space per property.

The parking spaces are on the second floor of the Can Company garage and will cost $50 per month. Space renters will be able to park from 6 p.m. until 7 a.m., Monday through Friday, and all day on the weekends. Cars not removed by 7 a.m. weekdays will be towed—as will vehicles with hang tags indicating expired leases on the parking privilege.

Jurkiewicz says the CCA helped decide the terms of the rental, including who got priority, and is acting as a conduit of information for the community.

Those interested in renting spaces should contact the CCA at

“We will then put them in touch with the Can Company, who actually handles the contracts renters have to sign,” he said.
Jurkiewicz adds that if everything goes according to plan, renters will be able to park in the garage by March 1.

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