Canton Tot Lot re-dedicated to a special little girl

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“The Canton Mommies” enjoy Nikki’s Play Station, dedicated to Nichole Anne Zubalik. Zubalik’s grandmother, Florence Zdanowich, is in the center wearing a yellow shirt. Photo by Erik Zygmont

On Monday, Dec. 17, the Tot Lot at Fait Ave. and S. Streeper St. in Canton was re-dedicated to Nichole Anne Zubalik.

“She was a bright and beautiful little girl and attended the Polish Day Nursery on Patterson Park Ave., along with her two brothers, Max and Neil,” said Nichole’s grandmother, Florence Sdanowich of Canton.

Nichole was born on Aug. 18, 1983, and lost her life on March 28, 1986, Good Friday.

Sdanowich was on the original committee for the Tot Lot, helping to raise money from the local merchants who are named on the plaque at the Tot Lot’s gazebo. She and her husband Stanley donated money to erect a sign in Nichole’s memory.

Two years ago, the sign was taken from the lot when the fence was removed for replacement.

Recently, Sdanowich learned of a new sign company in Canton, owned by Ed and Robin Klein of Klein and Sons Technology Solutions.

“I called upon them and asked if they could make a new sign,” Sdanowich said. “They said they would, and it would be a donation to the Tot Lot.”

The dedication was held on Monday, and Nichole’s brother Max, now an adult, was present.

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