Cantonite takes off for New Orleans while neighbors root from the Roost

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Victoria Stewart, right, with friend and fellow super-fan Blaine Charak, will be attending Super Bowl 47 in New Orleans this weekend. Courtesy Photo.

Things have changed since Super Bowl 5, when Highlandtown resident Leonora “Peachy” Dixon read a horoscope and decided spur-of-the-moment to head to Miami and see the Baltimore Colts defeat the Dallas Cowboys. Dixon borrowed $138 from about that many friends to make the journey.

Today, the price is higher and the leisure time scarcer—not to mention that Baltimore has a whole different team—but local fans will still be making the pilgrimage to professional football’s greatest contest.

Canton resident Victoria Stewart is one of them. As owner of a Permanent Seat License, she was entered into a lottery to win the opportunity to buy Super Bowl tickets.

Ravens PSL owners pay a one-time fee of $750 to $8,000, depending on where their seat is. Once that fee is paid, a PSL owner may buy a season pass, or have first dibs on the licensed seat (or seats) for home games.

According to the Ravens’ Web site,, proceeds from PSL sales go toward maintenance of M & T Bank Stadium.

Stewart bought her PSL  with a neighbor, and it was the neighbor who won the lottery.

“She asked me if I wanted to go; of course I wanted to go!” said Stewart. “It’s the Ravens, it’s New Orleans, it’s the Harbaugh brothers, so of course it’s going to be awesome.”

Stewart said that she is in touch with a group of about 20 locals making the trip to New Orleans, and half of those are from Canton.

For those who can’t get to the Super Bowl, the next best thing may be joining the soon-to-be-formed Canton Ravens Roost, of which Stewart is also a member.

More or less an official fan club, Ravens Roosts also raise money for charity, with about $1,835,000 donated from the Baltimore Council of Ravens Roosts to date.

Though not officially recognized by the council yet, the Canton Ravens Roost is working toward that goal. Stewart said that the application should be finalized in February or March.

The group has picked the Lighthouse Tavern, 1226 S. Clinton St., for their gathering and meeting place.

“We picked the Lighthouse Tavern because they agreed to have only the Ravens on the TVs and to keep the sound on,” said Stewart.

“It’s five or six blocks off the (O’Donnell) Square, so there’s not the parking issue,” she added.

The group has already made donations to the Canton Food Bank and Meals on Wheels, which is based in Canton.

“We’re trying to start the tradition of bringing canned goods to the games,” said Stewart.

She noted that there was a similar fan club in Canton at one time, but the Canton  “Colts Corral” most likely disbanded when the Colts left town.

“We would love if anybody else in the neighborhood who used to belong to the Colts would like to join us. We’d love to get in touch,” said Stewart.

A Canton resident for the last 10 years, Stewart works for the University of Maryland Medical Center. She has been a football fan her whole life.

“I guess I was a tomboy growing up,” she said. “I used to play with my brother and cousin.”

Her favorite moment in Ravens football?

“I think it was when Joe Flacco threw the last pass in the Broncos game to send it into overtime. I think I had a heart attack!”
Stewart feels good about the Ravens chances in New Orleans.

“I think they’re very determined now,” she said. “They’re working well as a team now, not as individuals. I think that’s why they’re going to win the Super Bowl.”

The Canton Ravens Roost have their first official meeting at the Lighthouse Tavern on February 6 at 6:30 p.m. For more information, visit their Facebook page,

by Erik Zygmont

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