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Dining reviews

  • rallothumb
    Mr. Rallo would be proud
    November 16, 2011, No comments

    Restaurant has new identity, plenty of memories It’s a little like a scene from “Home Makeover,” only it’s a restaurant getting the facelift. Rallo’s Restaurant, where South Baltimore breakfasted and […]

  • Hungry? Hit up Hungry Andy’s
    September 7, 2011, No comments

    Great for low-key eats and bar-closing munchies Beer drinking and fast food go together like baseball and peanuts—if you have one, you absolutely crave the other. That’s why Fells Point […]

  • darbarthumb
    Get to India via Aliceanna Street
    August 24, 2011, No comments

    It was fiercely hot a couple of Thursdays ago, so of course we went out looking for spicy food. Spicy food makes you sweat, which has a cooling effect, and […]