Close the sale with a roof-top deck

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A well-constructed roof-top deck, like this one built by Tom McCleary, pictured, can add selling power to your home. - Photo Erik Zygmont

While most Baltimoreans recognize the unique, home-exterior feature known as Formstone, few realize that another common Baltimore construction mainstay can actually help sell a house. Few city residents have an abundance of yard space. So, what do you do to increase outdoor space? Build vertically.

Whenever I show people Southeast Baltimore homes for the first time, one feature that jumps out to them is the roof top deck. They say things like, “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” or “The view is incredible from up here.”

Maybe, as a city resident, you’ve become numb to the roof deck, but to most outsiders, it is unique feature that can be highly desirable.

Just having a roof top deck at all can be a big perk, but consider the wide variety of decks out there. Next time you are on a roof top deck, look around at the other decks, and you will be hard pressed to find any matches to the one you are standing on. Some have spiral stairs all the way from the ground level, while others may have access directly from the top floor. For homeowners who entertain, a small structure at the top of the home—nicknamed a dog house—shelters a wet-bar.

Some buyers are hooked after seeing their first roof top deck. It can become a key feature that they want in a house. They may go from wanting only a property with parking to, “Okay, well if it doesn’t have parking, it better have a roof top deck!”

When selling your home, don’t forgot to make the most use of your roof top deck. Highlight it with furniture, flowers, herbs, and lights. Show potential buyers that it’s an area for a family to share a meal, a place to entertain guests, and most of all, a unique feature to your property.

by Mario Valone
Special to The Baltimore Guide

2 Comments on "Close the sale with a roof-top deck"

  1. Bob - Decks - Yorkville June 14, 2013 at 12:16 pm · Reply

    I’ve never seen a rooftop deck before. They look incredibly unique though. Personally I prefer traditional decks…on the ground level, but that’s just me! I feel like you can do more with the design, though I’m sure there are some unique looking decks out there! Thanks for posting!

  2. MHBmoreGuy May 3, 2013 at 3:27 pm · Reply

    Great article. So true! Love seeing the rooftop decks and spending time there. Definitely a must have!

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