Crime alert: Help identify false officers

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The Baltimore Police Department’s Southeastern District warns the community about a series of robberies and burglaries within the last month enacted by 3 individuals impersonating police officers. These impersonators are targeting Latinos. Please inform community members about the following description of the suspects and their method of operating:

3 white males, 2 heavier men and 1 more slender, in their 30s, Tattooed. Reported to have fake, star-shaped badges (not BPD badges).

Baltimore Police Department badges look like a shield (not a star)

The Sheriff’s Office uses star-shaped badges, but a Sheriff’s Deputy will identify him or herself as being from the Sheriff’s Office.

Sometimes seen driving an SUV (silver or tan with Ravens stickers), reported to be a Ford Expedition. No tag number has been reported.

These men have robbed people using two main methods:

1.They stop people on the street, identify themselves as police, and show a photo of someone who they say they are pursuing. They ask the person questions, then frisk the victims and take their money.

2.They knock on the door of a house, identifying themselves as police. When the door is opened, they show photos and say they’re looking for someone or ask who is present in the house. They begin searching the house and stealing possessions.

What to do if this happens to you or if you see something suspicious: CALL 911

Do not resist. They are reported to be armed.

Be the best witness you can be. Observe as many details as possible: Tag number of the vehicle, descriptions of tattoos, any other identifying information.

If they are in plainclothes, you do not have to open the door. All plainclothes police officers should be wearing a vest that says “police” on it. You can ask them to show their Department ID through the window. If you did not call the police and are unsure if these are real officers, you can call 911 and ask them to send a uniformed officer or ask if an officer has been dispatched to your house. If an officer has not been dispatched to your home, report the individuals and do not open the door.

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