Crime down in Southern District

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At last Thursday’s Southern District Police Community Relations Council meeting, Deputy Major Ian Dombroski announced that violent crime had declined 20 percent in the Southern District.

Comparing year-to-date figures from June 21, 2011, with June 21, 2012, Dombroski said that the homicide rate had fallen 69 percent in the Southern District, with 13 homicides last year and 4 this year.

Robberies dropped too, from 216 up to June 21 last year to 157 this year. Aggravated assaults fell 10 percent, from 291 to 262.

“They’re working hard and they’re getting results,” Dombroski said of Southern District police officers.
Lieutenant Steve Nalewajko introduced his drug squad to attendees, which officers said had contributed to the lowered crime in the area.

The council also recognized the Southern District Officer of the Month, Roy Roberts.

“He works the midnight shift, when most of us are sleeping,” said Dombroski. “On almost a nightly basis, this officer catches someone breaking into a car or house.”

Dombroski added that Roberts had arrested a suspect on a warrant for second-degree burglary. The arrest was considered serious enough that the suspect was not granted bail.

The Southern District also announced the retirement of Lieutenant Joann Voelker, a 29-year officer.

“It’s been an enjoyable experience serving the Southern District,” Voelker said. “I’ve met a lot of good people.”

Jack Rehmert, vice president of the community relations council, said that Voelker worked well with bouncers in Federal Hill night sports. Instead of roughing up trouble-making patrons, they called the lieutenant, he said.

“They work for her; she works for them,” he said. “They all know her by name.”

Internal Affairs
Chief Grayling Williams, head of the Baltimore Police Department Internal Affairs Division, introduced himself to the residents in attendance. Before coming to Baltimore, he served two years as an appointee of President Barak Obama in the Department of Homeland Security.

by Erik Zygmont

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