Disgusted by July 4 events

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Editor, The Guide:

Re: Citizens and cops depend on each other (July 6, page 4)

It would be wonderful if our Mayor, Commissioner Bealefeld and other City officials understood that “citizens and cops depend on each other.”

As an Inner Harbor resident and property owner, I was disgusted by the Fourth of July violence that marred my beautiful neighborhood.

In spite of all the publicity surrounding the slashing murder and other violent events, no one has urged community involvement. Just about everyone owns a cell phone. Why can’t these be mobilized when potential problems emerge?

How difficult is it to dial 911? Sadly, today’s culture encourages living in a bubble of self-absorption. Watching out for “the other guy” is so uncool.

It’s too bad our Mayor, the Waterfront Partnership, The Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts and the Police Department don’t encourage Baltimoreans to develop awareness and learn to keep their eyes open. Perhaps they’re all scared it might lead to vigilantism.

Residents of this city should use their cell phones and other devices for more than idle chatting and the texting of trivia. Everyone must to get into the act!

Rosalind Ellis
Inner Harbor

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