Forget Hells’ Kitchen. Come over to Pre-K Kitchen

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Learning how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey from pint-size chefs

Turducken? Baloney! The three- and four-year-olds in all-day pre-k at St. Clement Mary Hofbauer School in Rosedale were asked by their teacher, Mrs. Pat Fendryk how a Thanksgiving turkey is prepared. Their answers might even melt the Iron Chef.
So kids, how do you cook a turkey?

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Amara Agwu – Mommy just gives it to me hot. She cooks it for me for one min.

Adam Bondyra – Mommy cooks it in a pot eight times. Then we eat it.

Peighton Bowman – I don’t know how to cook a turkey, we go to a restaurant.

Sloane Brown – Grand mom cooks it in the oven. She makes it brown, and then she gives me pieces.

Kearstin Cole – Mommy flips it, puts it back in the pot and cooks it for 3 minutes. When it’s done we eat it all.

Jonathan Croucher – Daddy puts it on the oven then he steams it up for 5 minutes. Then he puts it on a plate, then on the table and we eat it.

Josie Darago – Mommy puts it in the oven for 6 minutes. She puts salt on it. That’s probably it. I don’t even know. My mommy gets it out in 2 minutes then she flips it over. We leave it on the counter so it can cool. Then we eat it.
Karl Christian Ferrera –My turkey is 755. My mommy cooks it, the real turkey.

Georgia Hanna Leverett – Dad cooks our turkey on the stove for 20 minutes. He puts it out and we do dinner.

Donell Hudson – Grand mom cooks it in a pan on the stove for 13 minutes. She brings it to me and I eat it.

Kacie Markley – Mommy cooks it in the oven for 2 minutes and we eat it.

Giovanni Cross – I don’t even know, I don’t eat turkey, I’m a vegetarian.

Charles Minnis, Jr. – You mix it with salad, lettuce and bacon bits and then eat the salad with the meat.
Benson Nguyen – Cook it with eggs and a lot of goldfish and eat it. I eat goldfish.

Lia Otto – Mommy puts it in the oven and puts turkey things on it. She cooks it for 8 minutes and then we eat it.

Carter Rice – I don’t know. I like it, but I don’t know how to cook it.

Aurora Rineman – Cook it inside the house at grand mom’s kitchen. I think she makes it red and then she takes it out probably when it’s done cooking, when it beeps.

Chace Schindler – We cook it at Grandmom’s house. She flips it, cooks it for 4 hours and she picks it up and brings it to school.

Jillian Thayer – It is just tasty! It’s so yummy! You put it on a plate, spray it and cook it in the kitchen.

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