Fort Avenue Bridge story unfair

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To the Editor, The Guide:

As a fairly new resident of Locust Point (nine years) and an active member of the Locust Point Civic Association over the last 10 years, it has been obvious that the community in general has wanted and needed a safe replacement bridge over the CSX railroad tracks. Through efforts of many community members, we now have that bridge plan and rebuild schedule just ahead of us. It will be a difficult time for all the community but in the end (9-12 months from the start date) there will be a safe bridge that the community has very vocally requested.

I was disappointed that the article put such a negative spin on the bridge construction (a bridge that the community has WANTED) without even mentioning the fact that there is a task force in place that started working about a year ago! Prior to the weekly meeting of the task force the group met intermittently with the representatives from Baltimore City Government, Mayor’s Office, DOT, MTA, CSX, bridge designers , surveyors and engineers, not to mention the Emergency Management, the police force and the fire department.

For the last 18 months or so, issues related to the bridge closing have been presented to the LPCA community associations and others concerning matters such as:

  • how do the children get to school
  • how do our seniors that walk to the grocery get to their shopping how do emergency vehicles get in and out
  • how will the community be informed of trains crossings being obstructed
  • how will the CSX schedule change
  • how will businesses on the fort side of the bridge keep their customers happy and
  • how will we maintain the current neighborhood lifestyle we all appreciate.

These are only some of the questions that have been debated by the collaborative task force in recent months. Many resolutions have been found—such as the pedestrian bridge and the emergency vehicle temporary quarters to name the two major issues.

I found the article disappointing in that it failed to consider both sides of this bridge story. The negative tone left me wondering what is “The rest of the story?”

Perhaps that is something to write about, that a neighborhood’s cries have been heard and, while it will be inconvenient, not everything we wish for is easy.

This is reason for celebration, so watch for the new bridge construction parties.

Cheryl R. Duffey
Locust Point

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