Harbaugh: Ankle injury affecting Evans’ play

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OWINGS MILLS — If you’re too hurt, you can’t play.

This could be the case for receiver Lee Evans and cornerback Domonique Foxworth. Following Baltimore’s 26-13 loss to Tennessee on Sunday, Evans was in the locker room nursing his ankle in an ice bucket. The injury has been nagging him since the third preseason game against Washington.

Evans told reporters he wasn’t 100 percent but that he has to play through the pain.

However, if the pain is limiting his performance, it may be time to come out of the lineup. At least that’s what Ravens coach John Harbaugh said during his Monday press conference.

“There’s no doubt about it, it’s affecting him,” Harbaugh said. “We’re going to have to take a hard look at it. If he can do the things we need him to do then he plays. If he can’t, he won’t play.”

The most telling part of Harbaugh’s response to a question regarding Evans was this: “We’ve been nursing this thing for a month and we don’t see it getting a lot better.”

Evans will probably continue to try to play through the pain this week against St. Louis. But there’s a good chance he’s limited at best this week in practice.

After commenting on Evans, Harbaugh proceeded to talk about Foxworth without being asked. He said if Foxworth’s knee isn’t 100 percent soon then he may have to rest until it’s fully healed. Harbaugh was then asked further about the veteran cornerback, as to what’s been wrong with the way he’s played.

“It’s technique,” Harbaugh said. “But it might be because of the knee. I can’t answer, only Domonique can. I don’t think he feels 100 percent, he’s said that before. But it’s definitely showing up with the way he’s playing. He’s playing very, very conservative. He just needs to get that right if that’s what it is.”

David Reed out 3-6 weeks

Wide receiver/kick returner David Reed will miss at least three weeks with an injured AC joint in his shoulder.

While Harbaugh said the typical time to recover from this injury is three weeks, The Carroll County Times reported that Reed’s injury could take up to six weeks to recover.

Nose tackle Terrence Cody sustained a concussion against Tennessee. Fullback Vonta Leach tweaked his foot, which isn’t deemed to be serious.

Defending his decision

With just over seven minutes remaining in the game, and down 13 to Tennessee, Harbaugh decided to kick a field goal from the Titans’ 11 yard line.

This decision raised some eyebrows with not much time left. But a day later, Harbaugh stood by his decision to take the three points.

“We were at the 11 yard line,” Harbaugh said. “The percentages aren’t real good. I figured let’s get the three right here. We have about seven minutes left, we have all of our timeouts. Let’s get a stop and we’ll have plenty of time. If it had been 4th-and-6 (and goal to go), I would have gone for it. My thought was to go for it. But with it 4th-and-11, I thought that might have been a little too desperate. You can probably make a case the other way but I don’t know how good of a case it would be.”

Titans win coaching battle

Harbaugh appeared to have conceded the weekly coaching war waged each week in the NFL.

Harbaugh said he studied Titans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer thoroughly, only to have Tennessee throw some looks and plays they weren’t prepared for.

‘We studied Chris Palmer all the way back to his UFL days and even the previous teams he’d been with in the National Football League and a lot of thigns we saw him do in our game have never really been a part of his system,” Harbaugh said.

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