Letter: Angle parking requires due process

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To the Editor:

Our community never wanted, and still does not want angle parking. So why do we have it? Elliott St. is now one-way, creating a continuous traffic jam which diverts into the already inundated O’Donnell Street. Our community, once described as with a “residential feel while enjoying city life,” now looks like a parking lot.

Why should this matter to anyone reading this? The answer is that our voices were not heard, and it is our concern that the residents of all Canton are not being considered or heard.

Canton Square Homeowners were a part and adhered to the complete parking process. We voted against angle parking and were told by the Department of Transportation that it would not be a part of our community.

Federal Hill is utilizing a five-block pilot approach. No conversions to one-way streets are involved, and pre- and post-implementation surveys are being conducted to measure community reaction. We applaud Councilman Cole’s focus for his constituents.

We requested that DOT to attend a meeting with us to hear our objections. Frank Murphy, the Acting Director of the DOT, stated that angle parking for Canton was at the urgency of Councilman Kraft. Councilman Kraft came to the meeting and blamed DOT. A request to delay implementation, in order to consider access problems, was  made.  Councilman Kraft refused.

What was the reason for the immediacy? The one-way direction of Elliott was never discussed, and now creates a problem where there was none before.

We believe Canton needs to grow and has many issues, including parking, that need to be addressed. These issues should not be discussed independently, but as a whole.

From the United States Government, in the Principles of Democracy–“Majority rule is a means for organizing government and deciding public issues; it is not another road to oppression.” It appears that Jim Kraft needs to re-read this principle.

Teri McBirney Hicks
President, Canton Square HOA

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