Letter: Outdoor cans not for household trash

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To the Editor:

We’ve been receiving complaints lately regarding overflowing corner city trash cans. A known contributing factor to this problem is that some local residents dump their household trash into these public use cans, claiming that they “can’t wait until the next trash collection day.”

Because of this recurring problem, local business owners–many of which are located on Eastern Ave–have been requesting that the cans be removed from their corner(s) altogether.

We would like to remind area residents that city trash cans are not to be used for personal household trash! The effect of dumping household trash into city trash cans is that more litter ends up in the streets, gutters, and ultimately in the Inner Harbor.

We ask the offending residents to consider that a majority of household trash is now “recyclable,” if not compostable. As such, though it requires one extra step, sorting trash into recyclable and non-recyclable containers is a way of offloading household refuse more often (twice a week instead of once a week), without creating an adverse impact on the neighborhood environment.

Please – let’s all do our part in keeping our streets clean! Never dump household trash in city trash cans.

Fells Prospect Community Association

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