Letter: Patterson Park battle echoes back to Fell’s Point highway proposal

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To the Editor:

What would downtown Baltimore look like today if the community hadn’t fought plans to demolish Fell’s Point for a super highway? Years from now, what might Patterson Park look like if activists lose their battle against a 96-car parking lot and paved roadway?

It’s wonderful nearly 500 “very vocal residents” met to express their displeasure about the idea. Apparently the point got across, because prior to last week’s discussion Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced the creation of a Patterson Park Master Plan Working Group.

But why wasn’t the community consulted in the first place? Before any landscape architect was hired, local residents should have been brought on board. It’s likely the mayor’s office and city agencies believed Baltimore’s apathy would mean a slam dunk for project. How terrific it’s not the case!

I live in Harbor East and understand my condo would not exist had the 1960s interstate been pushed through. Nor would the Inner Harbor business and residential neighborhood be a reality if that multi-lane highway idea had succeeded. Community activism and neighborhood involvement are signs a healthy city. The mayor and city officials should be delighted. Instead of spending any more money on a Patterson Park Master Plan or Working Groups, let’s just leave the park alone!

Rosalind Ellis Heid
Inner Harbor

P.S. I was a marshall in the Great Lantern Parade several Halloweens ago. I visit the park frequently; the last time was during the Flea Market on September 15th.

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