Letter to Editor: MOUs = Quality of Life

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Editor, The Guide:

The Fells Prospect Community Association is in full support of HB 392. This bill would require the liquor board to take the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) into account when considering annual license renewals. We feel this bill will strengthen the MOU’s that we and others in the Southeast are currently using to address issues such as out door seating, noise, music and most importantly live entertainment.

FPCA currently has five MOU’s with area bars, restaurants and taverns. By creating an MOU we feel that the community association and establishment are being proactive rather than reactive. FPCA members and neighbors have worked tirelessly in the past trying to get problem bars to be good neighbors. Support for this bill would mean less time arguing and more time resolving. The bar owner knows what the expectations are and that they have to meet those expectations or take a chance that their liquor license will be revoked. Some of the agreements have been worked on in conjunction with other overlapping community groups.

Passage of the bill would help us to continue to improve the quality of life for our neighborhood and the members of the Fells Prospect Community Association.

Victor Corbin, Fells Prospect

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