Letters to the Editor – December 4, 2013

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Touched by the kindness of Latinos

To the Editor:

As I was leaving Sacred Heart of Jesus Church on Saturday night, a young Hispanic offered to help me.

I have been a visibly handicapped man for 10 years, and I notice the Hispanic people are more likely to lend such a hand.

As we count our blessings this Thanksgiving, we may with to think about this.

Denny Olver


Who wants the Red Line?

To the Editor:

Did I miss something? I went to a meeting of a group called the “Citizen’s Advisory Council” on the Red Line on Thursday, Nov. 14, at 7:00 pm., at 417 E. Fayette St. I was hoping to hear something relevant to my concerns which involve the ridiculously wrong-headed Boston St. debacle that is being ramrodded through my beautiful, stable neighborhood of Canton—one of the few city neighborhoods where you still see intact family units and (believe it or not) children.

Instead, this meeting was run by two impeccably groomed and tailored gentlemen who apparently are charged with designing and packaging specific contracts to be sent out to bid. They want to make sure that this enormous bundle of taxpayer money is divvied up among the “right people.” Quite obviously, they, themselves are being very amply compensated from the bundle for their part in this.

The rules that this “Council” created specify that “questions must be related to the presentation. Comments of a general nature, expressions of support or opposition to the project, or questions that are unrelated to the presentation are not permitted.”

Oddly enough, the presentations I’ve attended have never addressed the main issue of who in East Baltimore really wants this thing? Granted, I’ve only been to two of these forums (the one on Fayette Street and the one at the Du Burns Arena), but community input regarding citizen approval of the Red Line does not seem to have been addressed. Can someone please enlighten me as to whether or not that particular topic has ever been discussed?

This Red Line crowd is going full-steam ahead. Taxpayer money (a lot of it) is being spent way beyond the rate which we citizens earn it. Shouldn’t the taxpayers be asked if they want this thing?

Cathy Thornton

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  1. darryl busick December 7, 2013 at 4:38 pm · Reply

    My concern is what. s the commuities plans to get rid of the trailer park that is located between lorraine ave. Snd batavia farm road, right by stuards rootbeer. Who ever ownes the trialer park has moved some comdemed trailers in, on the Batavia farm road side and has made it impossible to pull large vehicles into my garage, and all the drug dealers, they park at old philadelphia rd. At Batavia farm rd. And move the drugs into the back way of the trailer park. If you would like to do something good for the community please get rid of that condemied place. The people in It is either drug addicts, thieves, prostitutes or transcients.

    Thanks for your concern
    Darryl Busick

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