Letters to the Editor – February 6, 2013

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Thank you for your support, Baltimore Guide

To the Baltimore Guide:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support of the 2012 Highlandtown Train Garden! It could not have happened without you.
As an official sponsor of the 2012 Train Garden, your logo, along with those of 44 other Highlandtown businesses and community associations, was prominently displayed in the garden. I hope you were able to visit the firehouse to witness how your support helped create a wonderful community event. We counted, and over 3,700 visitors, which includes almost 800 students from the area schools, had a chance to enjoy the results of your generosity.
We are looking forward to 2013. Hope you’ll consider joining us again.

Joe Manfre
Coordinator, Highlandtown Train Garden


City is not following due process in Canton

To the Editor:

Thank you so much for printing this letter from our Canton Square Homeowners’ Association president, however I think the lead should have read
“Canton not given due process as required by City DOT procedures.” Can we get an answer as to why procedures are published and not followed?

The impact on this neighborhood and this decision is devastating and was never addressed by the mayor, DOT leadership, or Councilman Kraft’s office. It has to be noted by all residents and voters that their thoughts do not count and are not considered by the city leadership. Not one representative from any office ever contacted the Canton HOA for input on angle parking, and nobody advised the residents on Elliott or Kenwood of when it was to be implemented or the quality-of-life impact it would have. Posting signs does not count; several neighbors called when the signs were posted and were told it was a done deal, per Councilman Kraft’s direction.

This is just one situation where our representatives have failed the community. Think about the Red Line implementation; not one representative has stood shoulder to shoulder with the Canton community to vet the impact on our communities, residents’ property value, and the business impact.

Believe it or not: It took 45 years to bring the Canton community back; it was 20 years before rebuilding began after the land was condemned by the city to connect 83 with 95. Rebuilding did not start until late ,70s with Anchorage Townhouses, and then Canton Square Townhouses and Anchorage Towers in the late 80s. Come on community, we have the voices and power to be heard, let’s let City Hall know we are here to stay and tired of being treated like we have no voice.

Think on this because of city politics and priorities: Our community does not meet the American Disability Act requirements, especially in O’Donnell Square. If there was a prize for patchwork, our streets, sidewalks and ramps would win ( what a mess). 311 calls do not take care of the rats, running the golf carts for cleaning Boston St. does not work (look at the leaves, not only on the street but in the storm drains), and calling  311 for alley lights makes no difference, so why are we so taxed? The Mayor has never been to any community meeting, do you think we count?

Carol Nickerson
Canton Square

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  1. The Guide (Danielle) March 10, 2013 at 6:58 am · Reply

    Thanks for sharing this information with our readers.

  2. Bill Toohey March 8, 2013 at 1:18 pm · Reply

    To the Editor

    I would like to thank the Enoch Pratt Library for the weekly visits to Canton of the mobile library. While the Canton branch is undergoing restoration, the mobile library pulls up regularly on the corner of O’Donnell St. and S. Ellwood St. Readers can go into the unit and browse through its selection. Or they can go online and reserve a book prattlibrary.org, and on Friday, walk to the red mobile library unit and pick it up from the unit’s two helpful staff members. I encourage other Cantpn residents to take advantage of this service (and perhaps the Guide could do a story on this rolling library. Currently it is a very appealing feature of the neghborhood) . To get the full schedule for the mobile library, visitors can check the Pratt web site: http://www.prattlibrary.org/services/index.aspx?id=4138


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