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To the Editor:

The Polish Legion of American Veterans: Casimir Pulaski Post 209 were present at the opening ceremony of the Polish Festival at the State Fairgrounds in Timonium. They did a wonderful job of presenting the colors of our country and Poland. The Polish Community

Association of Maryland thanks them and all who came out to enjoy the Polish Festival at the fairgrounds. A great time was had by all. See you next year.
Thank you,
Polish Community Association


To the Editor:
As a community service and at my own expense I publish “The Inner Harbor Network,” a listing of local events within walking distance of the Aquarium. This has been my effort since 2003, but it so often becomes a daunting chore.

A simple exercise like collecting neighborhood material sounds easy, but it’s not. For some reason, the folks who promote events fail to understand the need to provide times, cost, addresses and phone numbers. I run into this all the time.

For example, in the Guide’s August Community Calendar there’s an announcement of a “Race to Little Italy” which is happening in conjunction with the Grand Prix of Baltimore. There will be thousands of race car fans in town for the Labor Day competition, and no doubt many would enjoy an evening out in Little Italy. But sadly, there’s no information as to the location, the restaurants involved and most importantly, a contact phone number.
Even after calling three Little Italy Venues, I could discover nothing. Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident, it happens every month.  I fail to comprehend why folks who want to promote something refuse to provide the most important details.

Rosalind Ellis Heid, publisher

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