Liquor-store building severely damaged in early morning fire

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Firefighters put out a three-alarm fire on the 1700 block of Fleet St. this morning. This view is from the east.

A three-alarm fire early this morning, Thursday, Oct. 4, caused extensive damage to the building housing Fells Point Liquor and Bar, 1709 Fleet St.

“The building’s condemned now,” said Battalion Chief David Goldman of the Baltimore City Fire Department. “The roof’s burned off and fallen into the third floor.”

Goldman said that the fire began on the first floor, but “chased” to the third floor, following exhaust fans and pipe fittings upward.

“It spared most of the second floor,” he said.

A three-alarm fire typically brings about 35 pieces of equipment and 100 firefighters to the scene, Goldman said.

It was about 11 a.m. when the Guide spoke to Goldman. By then, he said, the fire was “basically out,” but personnel were still conducting a “fire watch” to make sure no hot embers were left to smolder.

“We don’t want to come back here 10 or 12 hours later,” he said.

In this view from Regester St., firefighters are wrapping up after putting out an early morning fire on the 1700 block of Fleet St.

The fire was contained in the single building, though the building immediately east received some water damage, mainly to the first floor.

“The guys did a great job containing it to the one building,” Goldman said. “Once it got up to the roof, it could’ve spread.”

Goldman said that two firefighters received minor injuries.

On June 11 of this year, another business in Fell’s Point burned—the Fresh Foods Mart on Broadway, just around the corner from the Fells Point Liquor and Bar.

by Erik Zygmont

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