Long-awaited Marketplace at Fells Point facelift begins this summer

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Photo by Erik Zygmont

According to developers of Marketplace at Fells Point, the redevelopment project for the Broadway Market buildings, on the S. Broadway median between Aliceanna St. and Fleet St., the retail portion of the project should be up and running by the fall of 2013.

The project also includes buildings to the east and west of the market, and residential space as well as retail space.

“We’re delighted and thrilled for the project to move forward,” said David Holmes of South Broadway Properties, the company that purchased the property and planned the redevelopment several years ago.

News articles about the development date back to 2006. Holmes said that the delayed start was caused by an obvious economic factor.

“One simple answer—the recession,” he said. “We had the design finished and approved; the concept was done.”

He said that South Broadway Properties has now partnered with The Dolben Company of Boston. South Broadway Properties is redeveloping the Broadway Market Buildings, including the north market, south market, and a new building, “South Broadway Market Expansion.” The Dolben Company is handling the buildings on the eastern and western sides of S. Broadway. The eastern side of the development has frontage on Fleet St. as well as S. Broadway.

As now, the Broadway Market will be “food oriented,” Holmes said. The buildings to either side of Broadway will house retail stores on the ground floor and residences on other floors.

As of press time, fencing had been erected along the 600 block of S. Broadway to prepare to shore up the facades of the buildings to either side of the market. Holmes said that The Dolben Company was bringing in steel beams this week to support the building fronts.

Some Fells Point residents have bemoaned the loss of the parking spaces along the sides of S. Broadway. The support beams will be angled into the road, making parking impossible. Furthermore, the lot behind the North Market is closed for the duration of the project.

“The goal is to get those spaces back to the public immediately,” said Holmes.

He added that he expects the shoring up on the east side of S. Broadway to be finished in eight to nine months, and the west side to be done in ten to twelve months.

“Because of the angles of the beams, we will be opening the sidewalks back up,” Holmes said. “Unfortunately, the parking lanes won’t be.”

by Erik Zygmont

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  1. Jay July 13, 2012 at 10:59 am · Reply

    The market place at fells is going to be such a great addition to the area, as well as finally getting rid of all of those empty buildings. Definitely looking forward to it being finished!

    As far as the parking goes, I have been using Parking Panda to find parking in fells for a while now and its AWESOME. You can find parking spots at peoples houses nearby as well as get prices and locations of garages.

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