Major gives update on Southeast crime

Officer Shivdayal Bawa was named Officer of the Month at the Southeast District for July. Major William Davis said that Bawa “has been doing things we really want our cops to do—proactive police work.” - Photo by Erik Zygmont

Of the nine youths that police say attacked a Little Italy restaurant worker on July 21, six have been arrested, and the other three are known, according to Major William Davis, commander of the Southeast Police District.

He said that police are “targeting” the three who have not yet been arrested, and that it may take witness identification to arrest them.

Davis said that though just one of the six who have been arrested is an adult, the other five juveniles will be charged as adults.

Davis gave the update at Monday night’s Police Community Relations Council meeting.

He added that the police believe that the group of nine is responsible for 17 robberies in the Southeast District. The youths have been charged in nine robberies, he said.

Overall in the district, robberies, commonly known as muggings, are up five percent over this point last year, Davis said.

Davis said that the five-percent figure represents an actual number of about 13 incidents. He added that one-and-a-half months ago, robberies were up 25 percent over last year.

The Major also gave an update on last month’s Greektown murder of Ramon Rodriguez. Police have arrested the prime suspect, Capone Chase, but Davis said that “there was at least one other person who was there.” Police are currently seeking that person’s identity.

The Southeast District Police Community Relations Council does not normally meet in August, but President Joyce Adamski said that the recent crime events made the meeting necessary.

“It seems like we can’t stay off the news in the Southeast District,” commented Davis, referring to television spots on the Little Italy attack and the spate of Canton burglaries earlier in the summer.

Davis noted that although one juvenile suspect in the Canton burglaries has been arrested, police do not currently have sufficient evidence to build a case against the other two they believe were involved. The first, who posted a picture of himself to a burglary victim’s Facebook page using the victim’s phone, remains in custody, the Major said.

He added that burglaries in Canton that fit the patterns attributed to the three individuals have ceased.

Davis stressed that citizens who get “that sixth sense” that a stranger in the neighborhood is up to no good should call 911, especially if the person or people are knocking on doors or appear to be checking things out.

He also encouraged citizens to call to report juveniles violating curfew. During summer vacation, curfew is midnight, seven days a week, for children 16 and under.

During the school year, the curfew is in effect from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. during school days, and through the night starting at 11 p.m. Sun.-Thurs. The school-year curfew applies to youths 15 and under.

Davis also recommended that iPhone owners download the “Find My iPhone” app. Phones are one of the most common items taken in street robberies, Davis said, and the app can help officers find a stolen phone—and the perpetrators—almost immediately.

by Erik Zygmont

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