Man killed following shoot-out in Canton

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After responding to a call, Baltimore police became engaged in a gunfight and shot a male suspect at 3403 Foster Ave. late last night.

According to Anthony Guglielmi, Director of the Baltimore Police Public Affairs Section, officers received a call for “a disorderly” at about 11:45 p.m. last night, Thursday, April 18. Guglielmi said that the officers arrived at the Foster Ave. location, handled the call—which appeared to be a domestic dispute involving a husband and wife, he said—and were outside of the residence handling paperwork.

At that point in time, plain-clothes officers who were nearby heard gunfire, Guglielmi said. The officers approached the home, and the male suspect came out, armed with a handgun, and confronted them. The police and the suspect exchange fire, Guglielmi said, adding that at least three officers discharged their weapons. The suspect was hit at least once, and later died from his injuries.

As the investigation progressed, Guglielmi said, it became apparent that two women who had been inside the house were also shot and suffered non life-threatening injuries.

“We are operating under the assumption that they were shot during the domestic dispute that occurred,” Guglielmi said, though he added that the department is also investigating the possibility that the women were shot during the gun battle with police.

Guglielmi said that all of the shooting occurred in the area surrounding the house. The address is directly across the street from Archbishop Borders School. No police officers were injured. The deceased man’s name has not yet been released.


by Erik Zygmont

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