Mark Twain style riverboat heads to auction in Canton Harbor

The Liberty Belle was built in Philadelphia in 1997. - Courtesy Photo

Here’s an opportunity to see “the good side of the city,” and if the bidding goes well, you might not “lose a minute of sleep worrying about the way things might have been.”

On Thursday, the highest bidder will be set to head out into Canton Harbor, possibly reaching a top speed of 9 m.p.h., on the Liberty Belle, a 95-ton, 400-passenger riverboat.

“Liberty Belle isn’t our typical auction item, but we do believe her uniqueness will be a draw for the right customer,” said Scott Frank, auction agent at Alex Cooper Auctioneers, the firm handling the auction.

“While the interior is in need of a few modern updates, the right buyer could make the necessary renovations to bring out the riverboat’s natural elegance and southern charm,” Frank said in a press release.

The auction is Thursday, Aug. 29, 11 a.m., at 1800 S. Clinton St. The opening bid is set at $50,000.

The Liberty Belle, a paddlewheel boat, was built in Philadelphia in 1997. According to publicist Ashley Boarman of MGH, the vessel was a high-end dinner and cruise ship in Philadelphia.

According to materials from Alex Cooper Auctioneers, the boat has a main-deck dining room and an aft mezzanine dining area. The galley (kitchen) is below the mezzanine. There are also two other dining rooms on other decks; all are serviced by the galley via a dumbwaiter. The boat also includes four bars.

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