Neighborhood Watch: South

800 block Hollins St., Thursday, June 23, 4:45 p.m.: Gunmen carjjacked a woman, forcing her out of her 2005 Chevrolet and driving off with it.

600 block Light St., Saturday, June 25, 9 p.m.: A woman pushed an elderly woman onto a bench, demanded her money, and hit her in the side of the head. The robber fled empty-handed.

Aggravated assault
600 block S. Payson St., Monday, June 20, 9:25 p.m.: A man was at home watching television when two men broke into his house and assaulted him. Medics treated the man for stab wounds to his leg and a cut above his eye.

300 block S. Wooodyear St., Wednesday, June 22, 7:03 a.m.: A woman hit her boyfriend during an argument, and as he put his hands up to keep her from hitting him again, she set her dog Sunboy on him. Sunboy bit the man on his left arm and thigh. Medics treated the man for the bites, Sunboy was taken to the animal shelter for a 10-day quarantine, and the woman was carted off to jail.

Unit block E. Heath St., Sunday, June 19, 11:19 p.m.: Two women argued, and one kicked the victim’s front door open and stole the victim’s dog.

1800 block W. Pratt St., Monday, June 20, 6:50 p.m.: A man climbed up the fire escape in an attempt to break in. But the tenant was home and saw him and the suspect ran away.

1900 block Wilkens Ave., Wednesday, June 22, 4 p.m.: Someone kicked in the door of a vacant house. Nothing was reported stolen.

1600 block Belt St., Saturday, June 25, midnight: Someone broke into a house through the unlocked kitchen window. Nothing was reported stolen.

1700 block Hollins St., Monday, June 20, 8 p.m.: Someone stole the trash cans from the yard of a house.

1000 block S. Hanover St., Wednesday, June 22, 9:50 p.m.: A woman in a convenience store was asked for directions, and she put her car keys, mobile phone and wallet on the counter and gave the directions. When she returned to the counter her cell phone was gone.

2700 block Port Covington Dr., Friday, June 24, 10:35 a.m.: Someone stole signs from a store.

1100 block Light St., Friday, June 24, 4:45 p.m.: A cell phone was stolen from a cigar shop.

Unit block E. Barney St., Friday, June 24, 8 p.m.: Someone stole the glass sunroof from a parked car.

1800 block S. Charles St., Saturday, June 25, 1:30 a.m.: Someone stole the patio furniture from a back yard.

Stolen from various parked cars in various places: Seven GPS, two iPods, one pair of sunglasses and some sporting goods. Police continue to suggest that people remove their belongings from their parked carse before some thief does.

Neighborhood Watch is a representative sampling, not a comprehensive listing, of crimes reported to the Southern District of the Baltimore Police Department. This week’s Neighborhood Watch was compiled by Jacqueline Watts.

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