New apartments: 57 units in Canton

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This rendering shows the 57-unit apartment building being built on the former sites of 1202 and 1220 S. East St. in Canton. Photo courtesy of Taylor Property Group.

A local developer has broken ground on a 57-unit apartment building near the Canton waterfront.

“It’s an exiting project,” said Ross Taylor, a Canton resident and a principal at Taylor Property Group. “It’s going to be a vast improvement over the industrial warehouse that was there.”

Over the years, the buildings at 1220 and 1202 S. East Ave., bordering the Canton Park, have housed a tomato cannery, a bag and tarp manufacturer, and a few metal fabrication shops.

Now that both buildings have been demolished, the plan is to construct a single building, with completion currently estimated for May of 2014.

Taylor noted that he had first purchased the building at 1202 S. East Ave., which had been built in the 1970s and changed ownership a few times between various metal fabrication businesses.

“I bought 1202 with the intention of a small apartment building; I had designed a 17-unit site,” Taylor said.

But at the rezoning hearing for that property, he met the owner of 1220 S. East Ave., which Taylor purchased about a year after buying 1202.

The entire bottom level of the buildling will house a parking garage, Taylor said, with 75 parking spots that actually accomodate 82 vehicles, since seven of the spots are two-car spots.

The size of the units range, from around 740 square feet for the smallest one-bedroom apartments to roughly 1,120 square feet for the largest two-bedroom apartments. Approximately 10 percent of the units will be studio apartments, Taylor said, with one-bedroom units comprising about 70 percent of the facility, leaving 20 percent for two-bedroom units.

The renters he envisions, Taylor said, are “Hopkins employees and young business professionals—an expansion of the current Canton demographic, which I am part of.”

“My wife and I will be in Canton for a significant amount of time to come,” he noted.

Rental rates, he said, would be competitive with those of nearby apartment projects, such as Domain Brewers Hill.

Amenities will include a fitness center with yoga room, a business center, and an interior courtyard with a grill and fire pit, as well as a “green roof,” which is covered with seedum-based plant life year round, Taylor said. Some units will have high ceilings; all will have stainless appliances and granite counter tops.

Taylor encourages other developers who have bought to-be-demolished buildings to invite the local SWAT team to turn it into miniature warzone for a short time first. Baltimore CIty SWAT utilized the buildling for training prior to its demolition.

“It’s a very simple thing for any developer to do,” said Taylor. “The building’s being demolished anyway—let them have some fun, get some training, and learn something.”


by Erik Zygmont

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  1. DIRTY DICK BRANIGAN March 23, 2013 at 7:03 am · Reply

    Do we really need more rowdy yuppies taking over the neighborhood ? I had to get a iron gate installed in my alley because the drunk yuppies were using my side alley for a toilet when they exit Looney’s at closing time. I’m ready to sell and get out of here. If I wanted all this chaos I would have moved to the French Quarter of New Orleans.

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