News Briefs 7/10/13

Old-fashioned confections bring seaside to Fell’s

David Gilmore, who owns Kilwins Chocolates and Ice Cream with his wife, Karen, prepares batches of peanut butter fudge and turtle fudge in the Fell’s Point shop. - Story and photo by Danielle Sweeney

For a Baltimore native, nothing says summertime better than fudge and hand-dipped ice cream, ideally consumed Atlantic Ocean-side, with a sea breeze.

But if you can’t reach the beach, fudge and ice cream eaten harborside is pretty much the next best thing.

Kilwins, an ice cream and old-fashioned confections shop, recently opened at 1625 Thames St., bringing a little seaside summer to historic Fell’s Point.

Owned by David and Karen Gilmore, the shop makes all of its dipped confections, fudge and brittles onsite. The ice cream comes from a dairy in Michigan.

The Gilmores say they chose Kilwins—they actually own a second franchise in Crofton—because it is a family-owned company.

“The products are top notch, too,” says David.

“And it’s not cookie-cutter,” adds Karen. “The franchises have some individuality.”

The Gilmores opened the two stores pretty much back to back, renovating the Fell’s Point store extensively. They are still getting to know the neighborhood and Baltimore.

They selected Fell’s Point because it’s well-located, historic and near the water, as many of the Kilwins shops are.

One of the most fun things about owning a candy shop, they say, is making the fudge and dipping the apples. The second most fun thing is watching someone else do it.

“We get a crowd in here and outside looking through the window. It’s fun. It smells wonderful. It’s a great experience,” says David. “Yesterday,” he adds, “pointing to a marble table, that table was full of caramel apples.”

“There’s something here for everyone,” says Karen. “For moms and for kids: chocolates, toffee, caramels, nuts, brittles, kettle corns, ice cream, fudge—and coffee drinks for those who have less of a sweet tooth.”

It’s no place to worry about calories.

“Why feel guilty?” says Karen. “The way I look at it is we’re like Vegas, but with candy and ice cream. What happens here, stays here.”

For her part, Karen says her favorite Kilwins ice cream flavor used to be toasted coconut, but now—or at least as of last week—it was Traverse City cherry.

“But that could change,” she says. “The store has 32 flavors.”


On foot, on bicycle and by car: Police step up Canton presence following month of burglaries

A spate of burglaries has hit Canton, with at least 25 incidents since June 7, according to a report posted on the Stay Classy Canton blog,

Concerned residents met on Monday evening with Major William Davis, commander of the Southeast District, as well as First District Councilman Jim Kraft. Kraft is arranging for a follow-up meeting with the State’s Attorney’s Office.

A police spokesman, Detective Vernon Davis, has confirmed that the police have doubled cars in the Canton area and added two bicycle patrollers as well. Davis said that additionally, undercover officers are investigating the incidents, and there will be some foot patrols, too.

He said that the Police Department is telling residents to keep doors and windows locked, and to look out for each other.

“Know your neighbors,” he said. “Make sure you know if your neighbors are out of town or on vacation.”

Major Davis has frequently advised that residents call 911 if they see something suspicious in the neighborhood, such as someone looking in windows and doors.

Visit for more information.

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