News Briefs 7/3/13

Lisa Ponzoli, above, has sold babe. (a boutique), a women's "casual chic" clothing store in Fell's Point, to Poppy and Stella, a Fell's Point shoe boutique. - Photo by Erik Zygmont

Wheeling and dealing among Fell’s businesses

Poppy & Stella, a shoe boutique with locations in Fell’s Point—728 S. Broadway—and Annapolis has bought Babe. (a boutique), 1716 Aliceanna St., a casual-chic clothing and accessory shop.
“It’s a best-case scenario,” said Lisa Ponzoli, who founded babe in 2007. “Kelley [Krohn] over at Poppy and Stella saw the opportunity, and she runs an amazing business and has a great team.”
Ponzoli said that she expects that babe will remain the same, with the same store manager.
“If anything, the shoe branding can only improve things,” she said.
Babe first opened in Federal Hill. It relocated to Fell’s Point two years ago.
“It turned the business around,” said Ponzoli. “It was just night and day.”
Krohn could not be reached for comment.


More angle parking: Canton, Little Italy, Highlandtown

First District Councilman Jim Kraft gave an impromptu update on reverse-angle parking implementation at Monday night’s Southeast District Police Community Relations Council Meeting.
In Canton, Fait Ave. will be made one-way with angle parking “any day now,” Kraft said. After that, Foster Ave. will also become a reverse-angle parking street.
“That will finish everything we can do in Canton,” Kraft said, adding that Hudson St. must remain a two-way street because it is a bus route.
In Highlandtown, the 100 through 400 blocks of N. Clinton St. will have reverse-angle parking “by summer’s end,” Kraft said.
In Little Italy, Exeter St. will become one-way southbound from Eastern Ave. to Fleet St. in order to accomodate angle parking. Albemarle St. will also be one-way southbound between Eastern and Fleet. These changes will be made in the next 30-45 days, Kraft said.
Plans to implement reverse-angle parking in Fell’s Point have been placed on hold, the councilman said, due to traffic flow issues.


City’s plans for ‘Boh-Donnell’ overpass collapse

The “Boh-Donnell” overpass, a proposed road that would have connected Boston and O’Donnell streets and bisected the Brewers Hill neighborhood, has been scrapped, according to First District Councilman Jim Kraft.
“I wasn’t told that this was non-public, so I guess I can tell you this,” said Kraft.
The overpass had been proposed by the city in conjunction with the Canton Crossing development and the Red Line. Kraft said that the city has dropped the plans because of the cost.
The current proposal for handling increasing traffic is widening Boston St. from its narrowing point at the Canton Crossing development on eastward.


Effective Monday, state toll rates have gone up

For cash payers, rates have increased to $4 at the Fort McHenry and Harbor tunnels and the Key Bridge. The rate at JFK Highway and Hatem Bridge is now $8; it’s $9 at the Bay and Nice bridges.
For E-ZPass users using the commuter rate plan, rates are now $1.40 at the Fort McHenry Tunnel, Harbor Tunnel, and Key Bridge; and $2.80 at the JFK Highway and Hatem Bridge. The cost is now $2.10 at the Bay and Nice bridges.
A press release from Maryland Transportation Authority says that the changes were approved by the MDTA Board on Sept. 22, 2011, following a 60-day public comment period, and will pay the debt for rehabilitating aging infrastructure and increasing highway capacity.

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