News Briefs 8/7/13

Will Rodney Henry be Baltimore’s big star?

Rodney Henry with Marlene Rydzewski, a big fan, at Dangerously Delicious Pies in Canton. - Photo by Petra Compel

The Pie Man could soon have his own TV show on the Food Network.

This Sunday, at 9 p.m., on the finale of “Food Network Star,” viewers will see if Rodney Henry, founder of Canton’s Dangerously Delicious Pies, has what it takes to host his own food show.

Henry, who is also frontman for local rock’n’roll legends the Glenmont Popes, faces off against Southern belle Damaris Phillips and the mohawked intensity of Russell Jackson.

Henry once told the Guide, “I’m all about pie. I always have been and always will be.”

The singular focus has paid off for the affable Henry. What started off as a side gig during his days as a touring musician has grown into a successful, niche business, with three locations. In addition to Baltimore, Dangerously Delicious Pies has shops in Washington, D.C., and Detroit.

While Henry has been critized on “Food Network Star” for his dogged attachment to pie, viewers have consistently rated him among the most popular contestants.

Although his genuine enthusiasm makes for fast, slurred speech that is sometimes difficult to understand in the context of a television show, even the other contestants have praised Henry’s charisma and apparent comfort in his own skin.

The time for voting is over, but don’t be surprised if Charm City adds another quirky celebrity to the list.


Have a drink as Eddie Vedder or Melissa Joan Hart

“There’ll be a lot of overalls with one strap down, I’m guessing,” said Jody Costa, describing a charity event set for this weekend.

The I Love the 90s! Bar Crawl is this Saturday, Aug. 10, 1-8 p.m. Dressed in their best 90s attire, 30-somethings and possibly other age groups will make their way through the Fell’s Point bars, including the Horse You Came In On Saloon, Alexander’s Tavern, Dogwatch, Slainte, Kooper’s Tavern, Woody’s Rum Bar, the Waterfront Hotel and the Cat’s Eye Pub.

Tickets are $20, and earn various specials at the bars as well as chances to win $25 gift cards to the Horse You Came In On. See event details and buy tickets at Eventbrite: Also visit Stay Classy Canton,, or look up the event on Facebook for more information.

One hundred percent of ticket proceeds go to the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, an organization that provides support, education and resources to young adults fighting cancer. For Jody Costa and her sister, Leanne, the organizers of the 90s bar crawl, it’s a cause that hits close to home. Their friend, Mia, passed away last August at 31.

Jody and Leanne were looking for a way to make a difference, and the Ulman Cancer Fund was looking for help.

“It just happened that they were organizing a board of young adult advisers,” says Jody.

So the sisters joined up, and made the commitment to fulfill the organization’s request that they each raise $1,000 over the next year.

“We said, ‘Let’s plan an event instead of just going out and asking for money,’” Jody says, and so the I Love the 90s! Bar Crawl was born.

“We have a couple of reasons we picked the 90s,” she adds, noting that she graduated from high school in 1998. “We were kids, but not little kids.”

Amid 80s- and sometimes 70s-themed events, the 90s are usually left out, Costa adds.

Ironically, the 90s seem to be coming back in style today, and Costa suggests that anyone having trouble finding a costume can just visit the current Forever 21 store or website.

“It’s crazy,” she says. “We’re talking Nirvana t-shirts, high-waisted shorts, combat boots.”

Costa notes that the Horse You Came In On donated $25 gift certificates and wristbands, and that Baltimore Beach (the beach volleyball league) and Stay Classy Canton have put their support behind the event as well. Costa’s employer, Barcoding Inc., headquartered on Boston St., has also jumped on board, providing the evenings giveaways—slap-on beer coozies and temporary tattoos.

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